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Hi guys,

besides using google trends and google keyword planner, are there any good ways to research trending topics to create youtube videos ?

I'm not just talking general topics, but for example, if you had a cooking channel, how would you best research what types of recipes are popular?

Or a tech channel and wanted to find out what products are popular to create video reviews around them?

Thanks guys
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    A competitor keyword tool you could use is Soovle, will let you see patterns in competitors. Also TubeBuddy has a lot of resources that could help with this.
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    Facebook fan pages and groups, Instagram pages, Pinterest pages, big cooking websites and blogs. Check their latest posts, analyze shares, likes and comments.
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    Put your niche keyword and use youtube search engine and its filters (especially by time). Also check what youtube search box suggests to you. Good luck!
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    Join nearby facebook groups and follow facebook fan pages in your area. Try also to search in instagram. You will be able to see what are the latest trends and what are popular. Try also searching famous cookie bakers. They will sure have channels, video sites that they will love to share to their followers.
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    Oh man, there are too many competitors you have. The only thing I can recommend is to create new image of videos you make.
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