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by refrud
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Do you think backlinking to your Youtube channel works for SEO purposes.

That is, back linking on blogs, sm and other sites etc back to Youtube channel?

Do you think this helps your channel in youtube?
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    Back linking to you website to You-tube channel will help you a lot to rank your website in the search Engine Result Page . traffic to the you-tube channel is much more than the other medium so it would be completely helpful for you to generate back-link through the you-tube
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    It depends on the backlinks themselves.

    And maybe some of the SEO guys here will correct me if I'm wrong...

    But let's say the NY Times links to your channel... that's going to give it a huge boost.

    I think internal linking is important too... so in the description link to other relevant videos you've done.

    In addition to the link juice, this helps increase the user session duration, as more people are staying on Youtube for longer.
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    Not all links are created equal.

    Relevant, high quality links are what you are looking for.

    That being said, some of the simple things you could do to help your YouTube SEO might include:

    1. Leaving a few quality blog comments on trusted websites relevant to your niche that link to your video
    2. Linking to your video from some of your other videos
    3. Linking to your videos from your own blog posts or podcasts

    I think even having 2-3 links from the things I mentioned will definitely help your video have better SEO. Just my two cents.
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    Create Impressive videos for targeted audience with best niche content and share this videos various social media sites.
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    Instead of backlinking your channel homepage, I would backlink your videos. Writing a post linking to your video, sharing them in groups... it works for me!
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    Yep, If your backlinking profile doesn't consist of strong links, you probably won't rank.

    But it kind of depends on the backlinks too. I think PBN's are good for that, since they used to be old sites, which means they have real high authority.

    Edit: forgot it was for video and not sites.

    For youtube videos, you should be okay with just a ton of embeds and web 2.0 linking (has worked fine for me)...i think google has a lot more tolerance when it comes to youtube video embeds, than just backlinking to sites all over the place (feel free to correct me there)
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  • Profile picture of the author Rory Singh
    I am very active on you tube. I release new content daily.

    I think you should focus more on creating good value based content frequently and less on manipulation of YT algos.
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