First Real TRAFFIC PLAN... What Do You Think?

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I implore all of those reading to please take not that I am A) in high school doing IM part time, and B) a newbie in IM...

Basically, I'm working on my first campaign, have been for about a month and a half and will be til December. the purpose of this campaign is to achieve a sale per day and to find myself a mold I can use to produce future successful campaigns more quickly.

I'm in the penis enlargement niche, meaning it's very competitive. I have been building packets of high PR links to my articles and landing/squeeze page for 2 months now. One article in the number one position got me over 90 uniques per day but it slipped down after a couple weeks of my building links and I'm waiting to see if maybe it's just "dancing".

I am using the following as a beginners plan to get traffic, what do you think?

The Plan

1) Submit all 35 of my articles to 10 additional directories, each new copy links back to the original article an to my lander. Post the article on my blog, submit RSS to several directories.

2) Social bookmark the main copy of each article to 20 sites using onlywire (meaning out of the ten directories, I just bookmark the one I'm trying to get ranked I.E. EZA or GoArticles.).

3) Continue to build 80 additional PR 4-8 backlinks per month with Angela and Paul's packets (to each article I'm ranking as well as my site).

4) All the while I have an opt-in then landing page, and can tweak the page for CT once I get more visitors. (Should be good though as it was receiving a 50%+ CT rate when i got 80-100 uniques per day).

Does this sound like a good plan as far as a balance of putting in the work to get some profitable traffic while at the same time being doable within the timeframe of a busy high school student?

Thanks for your input in advance!

- Brandon
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    Your plan sounds very SEO oriented, but I'm a little concerned that you are trying to do all this without actually interacting with real people. Have you thought about some ways you can involve some real people? If you can get some "buzz" going with people, and find a way to get them interacting with you through inquiries or signing up for you email, etc., this will take you even further. What you have is a good start, but make sure you site is really cool, and see how you can get feedback about your site from people, so you can keep making it better. A really awesome site can do wonders for you. There are tons of people with plans to build links and write articles, yet when people get to their site, it is a dud. Make sure you really think about your site, and get feedback, and see if you can get some buzz going by talking to real people about your site.
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    Hey Brandon, sounds like a great SEO plan.

    I'm a strong believe in list building, so I think you're doing some good things.

    I also believe that your site does NOT need to be ridiculously flashy to get results.

    It needs to be properly constructed in terms of layout, and the copy needs to be provocative and persuasive.

    Be sure to do as much tracking as possible and test different variables on that squeeze page. The traffic plan looks like a good start to me though.

    If you want some help with a squeeze page, shoot me a PM and I'll help you out, bro.

    - Tommy

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    Appreciate the feedback. Right now my lander serves as my squeeze as well, an immediate full screen fade invites the opt in, and if they don't take to it, the landing page has some enticing copy to convince them to either A) take up my recommendation and check out the product or B) sign up fro their free course.

    Right now about 35% of visitors are signing up for my opt in right off the bat. I'm not disappointed with this either as I wasn't sure how many "small penis" prospects were gonna sign up their name and e-mail.
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    Brandon sounds like an ok plan. Go with it as you will only learn by doing. But I do suggest taking your time posting the articles and bookmarking and building backlinks.

    There are a TON of people right now blasting **** out left and right with automated progs/software/etc.. and IMO in the only lasting way of building traffic is making it look as natural as possible.

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    I actually got beat to the punchline in the first replay. You seem to be doing a lot for your traffic and SEO, but a niche like penis enlargement will need more motion with people in and around the niche, if you can get them pointing to you, then you can focus more on your conversions and providing more and more content to keep your readers faithful and hook in more to stay at the top.
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    how do i go about getting prominent sites in the niche to link to mine... better yet, how do i really fine opportunities like this?
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    Sounds great!

    I have some tips that I think will further improve your plan:

    1) Like what dvdual recommended, definitely try to create a buzz going with people. Especially with your niche, I don't believe that would be too hard! Basically, if you haven't done so yet, find forums related to sexuality or penis enlargement in specific, and put in links to your site and articles. Of course, have enticing copywriting!

    2) Building on top of that, social bookmarking is really useful for SEO. Ensure your articles are of good quality, and I'm sure people will start to bookmark and vote up your social pages that you SHOULD also put your articles on. Definitely will help with exposure to search engines and help get more traffic.

    Just some tips!
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    Then all the more you should be in the communities of your niche!

    Forums are the way to go.

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    Sounds like a great plan Branlan, my only advice would be to make sure you stick to it!

    Also, if you find a keyword that is converting very well and you're receiving a good amount of organic traffic for it, slap up some more web 2.0 properties targetting it, pound them with backlinks and take even more of the keyword's traffic.

    then rock up to prom in a porsche blasting miley cyrus (sorry, couldnt resist a highschool joke)
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