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Hi Experts,

What's involved in creating a content marketing strategy?

Need some valuable advice.
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    Figuring out the best and easiest way to create great content. Finding out who and what your audience wants or needs. Determining what channels you will use to reach your customers.
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    One strategy I use is to break up your main content and turn it into smaller chunks of micro-content.

    Share these smaller chunks on social media, so they act as teaser-content that pulls people to your articles.
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    Find out what is already popular and getting backlinks. Then, create similar (but better) content and contact those sites that were linking to the other piece, letting them know about yours.
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  • i would start by first creating an ideal customer avatar this includes what channels/websites he/she spends the most time on, what type of info he/she is interested in, so you can get a clear picture of who you are selling to, know what kind of content to create to keep him engaged and where to promote it. After you have a website and regular posts you can use various those channels to drive traffic to your posts and website.
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    I would suggest something like this.

    1. Identify your target market. Take some time and be VERY SPECIFIC.

    2. Identify your competition. Look at popular websites and articles and content that are selling things to your target market.

    3. Write down a content marketing plan. Have a weekly checklist, such as:

    - Publish 2 videos on YouTube
    - Write one guest post
    - Publish 2 podcasts
    - Leave 3 comments on relevant forums
    - Connect with 5 influencers on social media
    - Publish 1 post on your blog

    This is just an example to get you thinking. I hope it helps.
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    I think creating a content it's like 1/10 of the job, making content Viral,
    that's the key.. You can even advertise somebody else content with appropriate
    license for sharing.. Content alone not the guarantee for success..
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    Would have been helpful to us if you also said what specific niche you're targeting for that content marketing.

    That's pretty broad question.

    There's a X content marketing that work well with X niche and there's X content marketing that doesn't work well with X niche.

    Kindly be specific.
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    I would put forward something like this.

    1. Recognition your target market.

    2. Identify your opposition. Look at popular websites and articles and content that are selling things to your mark market.
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    - Find out your goals. You content be created for some specific purpose and it should be properly defined.
    - Find out your target audience.
    - Focus on your topic and listen what your customers want and write content accordingly them.
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    What topic are you going to be covering ?
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    I want to know what topic are you going to be covering ?
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    You draw in individuals by making amazing content. Precedents are YouTube recordings, Facebook Pages, and blog articles.

    You turn into a specialist in your specialty, develop a major after, and afterward you can make cash by prescribing distinctive products and services.
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    Use 'question-based' content and promote it hard via Quora and Twitter

    Question-based formatting also works for FB groups and targeted FB page commenting
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  • Helpful substance ought to be at the center of your advertising

    Conventional advertising is ending up less and less viable continuously; as a ground breaking advertiser, you know there must be a superior way.

    Enter content advertising.

    Content advertising is a vital promoting approach concentrated on making and dispersing important, applicable, and steady substance to draw in and hold a plainly characterized group of onlookers -- and, at last, to drive productive client activity.

    Rather than pitching your items or administrations, you are giving genuinely significant and valuable substance to your prospects and clients to enable them to unravel their issues.

    Content promoting is utilized by driving brands

    Our yearly research demonstrates most by far of advertisers are utilizing content showcasing. Truth be told, it is utilized by numerous unmistakable associations on the planet, including P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and John Deere. It's additionally created and executed by independent companies and one-individual shops the world over. Why? Since it works.
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    Content Marketing is used to grow the presence of a company across followers and platforms. The company places an Ad to invite the audience that sees it to take an objective action.
    The company may be a small business (up to 200 employees), medium to large business (200+ employees), educational institution (school and universities).

    There is two ways to promote content:
    1.- Create Sponsored Content Campaigns (video Ads, message Ads, text Ads)
    2.- Use Direct Sponsored Content (personalize and test Ads).
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    If I may add one more thing, use CROWDSOURCING when creating content for content marketing purposes

    Build your brand around EXISTING DEMAND and content distribution networks instead of the other way round.
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    Me personaly i answer people questions on forums ,quora etc and i also create content on youtube ,blog etc .its all a obout delivering value
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    I think you need to expertness about grammer rules then use to your keyword.
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    Content marketing? Simple, give out valuable content related to your niche or some content that is related to the latest trend, that will give you a lot of exposure. Trust me i have done that and it works like wonder.
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    Yes, if you write something for trending subject perfectly and it will be make seance is to be a good content posting.
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  • Agreed. Be intentional about who you want to market to. Research that demographic and list every possible route to reach them. Then set aside a realistic goal plan for what you want to target each week: how many blogs, ads, IG Lives, podcasts, etc. can you actually do with quality? Then keep up with that in making yourself known. Also, work to your strengths: if you're a great writer, you make that a priority. If graphics, then work on infographics.
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  • Rajeev,

    • A content marketing strategy is your action plan for publishing multimedia materials; and
    -- Your primary goal is to generate your desired response from your ideal audience.

    So with that comes these fundamental to-dos:

    1. Identify your target audience.
    2. Create a list of third party platforms where many of them frequently hang out.
    3. Zone in on platforms that are most relevant to your brand, content, niches and offers.
    4. Go to those platforms and create a list of the following:

    • Most viewed or downloaded or installed up-to-date media materials or apps or tools;
    • Freshest posts with lots of shares and meaningful comments; and
    • Hottest threads with active conversations ...

    5. Zone in on those that are most relevant to your brand, freshest content posts and latest offers.
    6. Do niche market research, use keyword research and competitor analytics tools to generate ideas for your sales funnel development and on-site / off-site publishing campaigns that:

    • Can grab the attention of your target audience;
    • Can entice them to take a closer look at the rest of your stuff;
    • Can make them want more from you, to a point where they'll subscribe to your social media pages and channels, join and participate in your community, download your apps and other media materials, leave their contact details to join your exclusive mailing list and so on; and
    • Can compell them to engage with your content, share your stuff to their peers and networks, sign up as your affiliates, buy your offers and all the other good things that they can do for your brand ...

    7. Track your results and improve what you're doing by enhancing what's really working well for you and immediately dropping those that aren't ...

    Hope this helps!

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    It's different for every person. But depending on which platform you use varies. If your blogging then I would create, share on social media, and email to a list. If your on youtube then I would seo optimize and share on social media. If your on Facebook then I would do paid like campaigns, post consistently and boost, or click to website ads.
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