How much money did you spend before you starte profiting doing online marketing?

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Just curious to see how much money people spend before they start making a profit.

I have easily spent over $5,000 on courses and another $2,000+ on advertising and traffic.

What amount did you spend?
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    This depends on when you ask someone this question? If you ask someone starting out in IM, they are likely to spends thousands because they are learning and testing. If you ask some of the pros in here, they could make a profit with very little investment (if any at all)...for example...start a youtube channel using a smartphone. Build a following. Get a brand deal. Merchandise. Sell your own digital products.

    Get a website (cheap). Make a sales funnel (cheap). Drive traffic for free with social media. Sell the digital product.

    Mastering these examples can cost thousands in courses, mentors, mistakes etc...but the way you worded the question, you make have some people answering "$0" when it's not the whole story.
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    I started selling Shareware back in the late 90s. Back then there were Shareware sites that did the marketing for you. It was an experimental sideline for me at the time but I pulled in $300-$500 each month from sales. This was when I worked for a living and before the whole "learn internet marketing" thing got started.

    In the intervening years, I've spent probably close to $20,000 on various courses and training programs.

    The thing us unless you apply what you've learned, it's wasted money, no matter how good the course or training is.

    How much is spent will vary from person to person. One person might find the perfect fit of a course, straight out of the gate after spending $500. Another may spend years and much more money looking for the course that sets them on the course to profit.

    But being a grasshopper, moving from course to course because you don't see results fast enough is a recipe for failure.

    There's no point spending money on advertising unless you've researched your audience first. The "throw s**t at the wall and see what sticks" approach doesn't work. You've got to be surgical in your decision making, not ham-fisted!
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    For me, it's hard to say. I've been creating content for nearly 13 years now, so I've built an audience organically. Occasionally I will spend a bit of money on marketing and advertising, but most of my traffic comes in naturally. I create a lot of YouTube videos, which has certainly helped. Without YouTube, who knows where I would be.

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    If time is money I don't even want to add it up...

    If I had to guess I'd say about $2k. I made money much earlier on that but I didn't start making consistent income until I was about $2000 in the red...
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    Before I started profiting doing online marketing, I spent $5,000 in a training course about affiliate marketing, dropshipping and eBay. I also spent $2,300 in paid traffic. I also registered my business RM Internet Ventures LLC in Utah, U.S. to take advantage of lower tax rates and to ward off against vicious legal demands from unsatisfied customers.
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    I started in 2000 so I didn't spend any money.

    I found a great traffic source and was banking 8K per month
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    Originally Posted by Edlund88 View Post

    Just curious to see how much money people spend before they start making a profit.

    I have easily spent over $5,000 on courses and another $2,000+ on advertising and traffic.

    What amount did you spend?
    As you are seeing, the answers are varied, but in almost every case, the less money spent depended upon what the person brought to the table.

    I spent 0 and in a few days had made $1,000.00 profit. By selling someone's product, and they took the money, shipped the product, did all that stuff, the only thing I did was link to a promotion. I guess one might call it affiliate marketing, albeit, this was in 1997.

    But back then, we guys who had a remote direct marketing background, or came from Mail Order brought that expertise with us, mostly in the form of copy writing and creating promotions for products.

    The people who tend to have FAST profits and spend the least amount of money bring their expertise and knowledge with them to the IM table.

    People who understand business, what a transaction is, BRING value with them, can find the time to profitability to be very short. Alas, those are now the few.


    PS. Those with a well thought out PLAN of action, knowing what the end result looks like will include knowledge acquisition as part of their plan.
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