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This is something I've been curious about for a long time..

If you wanted to offer sales copy services how would you go about getting your foot in the door?

I know if you offer SEO services a great way to get started is here on the forum by offering review packages or free evaluations. If you've created a product you can also offer review copies - but what about a sales copy service? - Do you think the review method could be a way to drum up interest?

If you're a professional sales copy writer how did you get started?
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    Check out the copywriting forum here: there are several threads about this there.
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    I don't know how others started, but I can tell you my case.

    When I first started out, I took on any job I could find. Most of them were underpaid, but they got me a reputation, a portfolio and nice reviews.

    As I grew in experience, I managed to get to the point where I can charge the fees I deserve. I have a big portfolio to support me now, and my work speaks for itself.

    But I never did free work!
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    TALK WITH BUSINESS OWNERS ie. the people who have the power to hire you

    Sitting behind your computer screen will not accomplish anything for you.

    There are many, many people out there WISHING a writer, ie. someone like you, would come along.

    Some of them don't even know there's such a thing as a copywriter.

    Imagine how you'll show up to an individual, not piled together as a commodity with many other writers...and available now.

    Six years ago(!) I outlined a method of getting copywriting work. Of course, it's probably "too simple to work"...people want things to be complicated.

    "So You Want to Get Clients and Make Big Bucks as a Copywriter?" [How To]

    Would the review method work? Eventually. Anything will work eventually. I could go outside my house and stand at the streetcorner with a sign written on cardboard, and eventually someone would drive by who's a fit.

    The review method pits you against decision makers who may not have the awareness about or even care at all about their copy. In my mind, trying to convince people like that they need your help is asking for an exercise in frustration. I'd rather simply interact, find out if they're open to talking, and if not move on fast.

    Go for the project, not your foot in the door. And I'll be the one to say it: copywriting has one t, not two.
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