Any restrictions on the # of computers that you can use with membership site subscriptions/software?

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Hi all,

Quick question regarding most membership site subscriptions and membership software. As long as you're not sharing access to paid membership sites that you have subscriptions to, are there usually any restrictions on the number of computers that you can use when you log in to most paid membership sites.

So for example, if you have 2 computers at home, use a computer at the library, university, friends house etc. as long as you're only signed into one computer each time for access, any problems to be aware of.

I'm assuming most membership software technology today recognizes multiple logins and IP addresses and would block you but if you just happen to be at a different computer it should be ok, right? Am I correct with my thinking.

I'd appreciate all your comments whether you're a subscriber of a site using different computers at times or on the software side of things.

Thanks for confirming any possible problems.

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