What is the best affiliate sites in 2019?

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What affiliate sites are you guys using and getting results within 2019?
What is working for you?
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    I JVzoo working well - it is a good affiliate site with high payouts.

    Clickbank can be good but I think you need a minimum of $50 of sales before you will receive a payment.

    If you are new this can take time, whereas JVzoo have no minimum payout.

    Hope this helps.

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      What does products that convert mean? I'm making a career change and this is a whole new lingo for me.
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        Originally Posted by Macki Rain View Post

        What does products that convert mean? I'm making a career change and this is a whole new lingo for me.
        Hey Mel,

        It means products that sell a high percentage of the time. The product converts "lookers" into "buyers". If 100 people look and 50 of them buy, the product would have a 50% conversion rate.
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        Convert means that the products 'sell' well.
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    Max bounty is a newer site that is on the rise, they offer a nice initial bonus, pay weekly and have good rewards for high earners.
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    CJ, Clickbank, Shareasale, impact, jvzoo, admitad,...
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    As always. The one that has products you want to promote

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    I like Clickbank and maxbounty personally, although I've used others. Maxbounty I like since it has high commission rates on a lot of the products you can promote.

    Check out my store at:

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    I heard about the excellent programs from some new instagram bots.
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    It just depends on your niche.

    There are two ways to choose an affiliate program.
    1) You have no idea what to promote and you don't have a site. You choose a program that has high-payouts and has an interesting product.
    2) You already have a website with traffic in a specific niche. You choose related affiliate products to your niche.
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    I'm kind of shocked that nobody mentioned Amazon.
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      I'm kind of shocked that nobody mentioned Amazon.

      3-8% Commissions? Unless you got Load of fee traffic, not going to cut it..

      In house Warrior + is Good
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        Originally Posted by wizbiz View Post

        3-8% Commissions? Unless you got Load of fee traffic, not going to cut it..

        In house Warrior + is Good
        there are people who make 5 and 6 figures with amazons measly 4%

        It is not how much traffic you have it is what you do with the traffic you have

        The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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      I'm new to affiliate marketing. I am also surprised Amazon was not mentioned. Do you work with Amazon? I have been looking at muncheye.
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    The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2019 that pays High Commission Rate per Sale:

    Top Affiliate Program with Offers, Bonus and up to50% and 75% commission-per-sale:

    Clickbank Affiliate Program
    HostGator Affiliate Program
    JVZoo Affiliate Program
    Warriorplus Affiliate Program
    Site Ground Affiliate Program
    Blue Host Affiliate Program with $65 commission per qualified sale
    ShareASale affiliate
    MaxBounty Affiliate Market
    CJ Affiliate Program with $50 Payment Threshold
    Ultimate Bundles
    Amazon Associates

    This is a good Affiliate Program that generates good income. I recommend
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    I recently start affiliating with Fiverr ... really good network.
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    As for me it's good old Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank and something small from CJ and ShareaSale, it's not that good cause you are really limited on your options here. That way you can really go somewhere deeper in some other solutions, but they do not work.
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    Clickbank is the easiest to begin with since you don't need to be approved to promote products and they have decent stats to see which good products to promote.

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    Blog: www.carldavies.net
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    All good choices mentioned. Clickbank would be the easiest and has the biggest selection of offerings. Recently, I'm impressed with Clickfunnels affiliate program and they're growing fast. They offer a wide selection of Affiliate tools and also a free affiliate bootcamp.
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    Best advice I can give you is to only promote the product that you believe in and willing to sell it to friends and family. Regardless of the platform you want to focus on the products which you will be promoting. For me I only promote good quality informational products and the advantage of that is to have a high email open rates and build a relationship with your list for a long term success.
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    I think that clickbank and cpaleads are the best ones as they require no merchant aprove
    that consume your time and efforts and you can easly declined in Jvzoo and Warrior plus
    esp. if you are a biggner s happened with me

    Know much by visiting my blog at :
    https://howtoathome77.blogspot.com/ Good Luck

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  • HI
    Best Affiliate sites are givem below:
    ShareASale Affiliates
    Amazon Associates.
    eBay Partners
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    For me and my clients, Clickbank and Paydotcom. There's a difference between what i offer and what my some of my clients offer - therefore the 2 separate affiliate programs exist.

    At the end of the day it all boils down to marketing.
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    Jvzoo for good digital products and MyLead for adult and crypto affiliate offers.

    But there is not "the best affiliate site", it depends what kinds of offers/products you prefer.
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    clickbank my friend

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  • Originally Posted by Edlund88 View Post

    What affiliate sites are you guys using and getting results within 2019?
    What is working for you?
    The affiliate sites which pays me quickly. Right now my favorite is JVzoo.

    Stay cool and successful...
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    Thanks for Asking this question, In my opinion Permalinks are very useful because they guide readers to the exact article, blog are looking for permit webhost or blog post for many years into the future. And if you are blog are posted the many of article a reader can always refer back to that permalink.
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    Thank you so much for asking this question. I have had a chance to read through comments from people and my conclusion is that all those sites are just as good. The only difference is the timing and the products you choose to market.
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    As others have said, a common mistake for beginners is to assume that the biggest payout is "best" for converting paid traffic.

    One of the factors is testing . . . most experts need to test different funnels before finding a profitable one. And a good rule of thumb is that to do a real test you need to spend 3 times as much on paid traffic as the payout would give you (because real random events are much more clustered than people assume).

    So for an offer that pays $1,000, that means each test you do, you need to spend $3,000 before you know if that test is profitable or not. Change one word or one setting, that's a new test. Even the experts might need 10+ tests before they find a profitable combination.

    So I recommend being realistic about your test budget, and choosing a product that pays out low enough that you can afford to do realistic tests. Choosing a product that pays out $10k, spending $25 ad spend, getting no sales and saying "it doesn't work" is a waste of time.

    And also understand that it is Earnings PER CLICK that matter most, not payout, because a higher payout makes less profit if you have to send more clicks per dollar that you make, than a lower payout but higher EPC offer.

    I hope this info gives beginners a few hints to get started with

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    All proposed sites are very good. Everything works fine and money is displayed on time.
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    I have not used any of the proposed sites yet. Soon I plan to do this. Thanks for the comments and recommendations.
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    Anyone of those sites works good. If you are new the thing is not o get caught up on which sites are the best to promote but rather what are you going to do to build your business.

    Picking a product or marketplace to promote is the easy part. Building your leads, funnels, traffic and audience is the "work" that a lot of people don't like doing.

    Do some quick research on the product you are going to promote then just go after it. Remember do something everyday consistency is the key

    Affiliate Marketer, business builder and Content Creator >Grab My FREE Internet Marketing Profits Book Here<

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    So I've been on online marketing for over 3 years. Personally, I recommend Clickbank. It is the best paying affiliate program I've found pays out 100% commission on all products and offers 3 products ($25/m, $50/m, and $100/m). I possess created a bit of profit with Clickbank now, a lot of it becoming all of the single 30 days around.
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    I recommend CB,Max bounty
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  • SaaS affiliate programs are in my opinion new profitable options as their programs offer high commissions and pay them for lifetime. This means that once you send a customer not only you get commission just once but every-time they renew the purchase.
    A few examples in the SaaS affiliate space are Domain, Hosting, Web Uptime Monitoring affiliate programmes.
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  • Inresponse to your question Edlund, it is against Warrior Forum rules to self promote so I will keep this basic for you my friend:

    My Lead Gen Secret is an extremely new affiliate platform taking the internet by storm.
    Clickbank is very slow and saturated
    JVZoo is tough depending on the product, choose new products.
    GetResponse has been a constant for affiliate marketers, stable recurring income.
    Clickfunnels is expensive and difficult to convert
    Bluehost is doing very well
    Newspapers Alive is a rising platform
    Organic Prospects continues to reel in affiliates.
    Kevin David's Webinars are a hit on YouTube
    My Online Startup provides a great commission for affiliates
    #1 for Affiliates is clearly Warrior Plus!

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    Maxbounty is still working well
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    According to Outbrain, these are the top Affiliate Programs for 2019
    • Amazon Associates
    • eBay Partner Network
    • ShareASale
    • ClickBank
    • CJ Affiliate
    • PartnerStack
    • Fiverr Affiliates Program
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