Is there any alternate way to watch the stats of anybody's Youtube video

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Back in the past there used to be a way to see the stats of any video just by clicking on the Statistics button underneath the video but not anymore.

Do anyone knows how can i do that now or whats the alternate way to see which videos are getting views now. Total views only provide cumulative views and it does not provide proper stats that whether these views are from the past or still the video is being watched.

I hope the message got communicated.
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    I may be wrong but this got me wondering and it looks like this is no longer an option. Seems as if you can now only track the data on your own videos through their analytics program.
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    We can watch the video by using Vidmate app and open the youtube in the vidmate.
    Also, another method
    using youtube, which video you have to download, in that page remove the character "ube" from the word "youtube" and press Enter Button.
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    Get the Tube Buddy browser extension. It's not going to give you all the bells and whistles like Analytics would, but it will give you all of the public information about a video that is available.
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    Social Blade is good too, it gives a channel overview but I'm not sure about individual vids... it can also give a good indication of which channels are buying subscribers.
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    vidiq is your answer.
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    there is a very easy method how to do it
    I have it on my PC. must find it
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