Retargeting versus affiliates for growth?

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I have recently launched my first business not to long ago, though are yet to do any marketing.

I would love any advice on what would be best for me to do, as this stage to increase sales, as I am a bit lost, having not done it before.

From reading up it seems like 2 good ways are:
Retargeting where I currently get 4- 500 organic visitors a month
or build some affiliates which i can do with a network, and only pay commission on conversion?

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    question can not be answered until you do some marketing.

    How can you re-target if you are not currently marketing and getting traffic.

    How can you get affiliates if you are not marketing and can prove conversions.

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    You should try developing both, there are many ways to re-target customers. Also building an affiliate network takes some work off your plate, it is letting them do the work to get you new customers.
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    Both options are DEAD and should be OFF LIMITS TO YOU unless you do marketing first

    1) Retargeting - this only works if you install the FB pixel on your site as well as Google's retargeting tag AND you have enough people visiting your site

    You CANNOT retarget people who have NOT been to your site

    2) You CAN build an affilate program but you probably WILL NOT ATTRACT QUALITY AFFILIATES (ie., those who actually send SALES) if you're program is

    - untried and unproven with decent SOCIAL PROOF

    My suggestion to you is to FIGURE out what RESOURCES you have and craft a MARKETING strategy accordingly

    Even if you have LITTLE money, you can still succeed but you have to INVEST TIME, focus, and attention to detail.

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