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Dear colleguaes,

I would like to promote services of my company on Chinese market, we are looking for potential business partners for long-term business relationships, but as I understand to find partner in China not so easy.

I was sending hundreds letters to outbound travel agencyes , mostly had no any answer.
Many of travel agencyes are operating like incoming travel agency.

I need some advice about ways to promote travel company in China.
Because standart ways is extremely not effective.
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    Tell us a little more about your company, more details will help decide how to help.
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    Not sure what exactly you are trying to sell or promote in China, but I have had success reaching that market through LinkedIn. It's easy to find professional people there in any niche. Most people who are on LinkedIn are open to networking and possibly doing business together. You should at least have better success there than a letter campaign.
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    Are you trying to find partners or ways to promote your company? I know some friends working in the Chinese tourism industry, and maybe you can tell me more about your plan. If you just want to know about promoting your business, you may try buying ads from Chinese internet platforms such as wechat, weibo, youku and AIQIYI, and so on, which are roughtly equivalent to Facebook, twitter, and youtube respectively. Anyway, I am Chinese and live here.
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