How do you evaluate the PPC landing page is good & attractive?

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How do you evaluate the PPC landing page is good & attractive?
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    If you're getting leads from them and your bounce rate is between 40-50 it is good
    check your landing page heat map too.
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    Make more landing pages and test them, so you will understand which landing page perfomr best and it's good to use. Also, there is no 'best' landing page, you need to always keep testing new ones. For example you have a winner which performs well, so make a different landing page and test again, maybe this one will perform even better.
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    Check the conversion rates and split test. However, I wouldn't worry about just attractive like you said because you may find even the ugliest of landing pages can be profitable if offer and copy right. Conversions is key, not if just looks good.
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    I would do an A/B Split test. Run one landing page for a week and track your metrics. Then change 1 thing about the page and run another test. Keep the one that performs best.

    Then change one other thing about the landing page and run an ad for a week. Keep the one with the higher conversion rate. By the time you have done this 5-8 times you should have a very good landing page.
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    PPC ads usually have a specific goal. A good landing page is the one that accomplishes that goal. Decide what you want the visitor to do and align all the elements on the page into achieving that goal. Sometimes PPC ads take visitors to the website's homepage.
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    PPC Landing page plays an essential job that makes paid marketing worth every penny.

    Guidelines for useful PPC landing pages:
    1. Keyword similarity - The landing page content must have the same keywords as in your positive keyword list and ad copies.

    2. Bounce rate - Bounce rate and session time. It is an important metric that decides whether a landing page will drive conversions or not.

    3. Load time - Landing pages must have a good loading speed because in PPC you are paying for clicks, and if the users click on the ad but are unable to access the page due to its slow loading speed, then that would be a poor utilization of your investment. Plus, your landing page's score will decrease the increase in bid.

    4. User-friendly - Information and form (if linked) must be easily visible and accessed.

    I hope this was helpful.
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    - Make sure you provide Social Proof!
    - Minimize the exit points on the landing page so that the paid traffic does not get distracted.

    A/B test everything before making a final decision.
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    Originally Posted by ashleen joy View Post

    How do you evaluate the PPC landing page is good & attractive?
    Attractiveness is irrelevant and also subjective. You know what's not subjective? The conversion rate. Does it convert?
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    If the landing page is converting at good rate then surely it is attractive.
    If not then try to tweak a bit , like change font , change heading , change bit of layout and try a/b testing. to find the best page that works for your audience.
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    There are many ways to optimize both your landing page experience and PPC ads by making them more relevant to each other.
    • Keep your message clear and consistent with your ad and landing page
    • Use original and engaging content on each of your landing pages
    • Explain your Unique Value Prop to visitors immediately
    • Incorporate trust signals
    Landing page that is relevant to your PPC ad is a game changer in the digital marketing world. It's one of the easiest practices that helps the user experience and improves landing page conversion rates.
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    All that matters is how well the page converts.

    If you're not getting the required ROI, tweak it and split test it.
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      Originally Posted by DIABL0 View Post

      All that matters is how well the page converts.

      If you're not getting the required ROI, tweak it and split test it.

      I agree, what matters is that the landing page can get the job done or not.
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