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I am looking at creating an online video pitch. However, what will happen is we want to send samples of our products out to potential retailers to also watch a video sales pitch. We are thinking about offering a prize if they watch the entire video at the end. Kind of like what time shares do.

Is there any good software or webinar software that will allow us to pop a video up and track if they watched the entire video. We would like to offer a gift at the end to those who took the time to watch.
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    I'm not sure the step by step process how to do this, but I've watched many videos and pre-recorded webinars that do not allow for any playback options. You cannot play at 2x speed, skip to the end or rewind to hear something again. It's a clever way to "force" people to watch the entire video.

    Although many people in here should know how to do this, it should be easy enough to Google. You wouldn't need to know if someone watched all of the video because they cannot get their free gift any other way. I can't think of a way to cheat the system other than pushing play and walking away...but then people risk the video ending and missing out how to claim their free gift.
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    As for the software you could check out, Wistia. All sorts of analytical tools, with a couple versions.
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    Yep, you may check Wistia. Or do the simple thing like palmtreelife said and save your money.

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    Originally Posted by zorro65 View Post

    I Is there any good software or webinar software that will allow us to pop a video up and track if they watched the entire video. We would like to offer a gift at the end to those who took the time to watch.
    Check out Dubb.

    You can do some pretty amazing video marketing with the platform.

    Embeds into email with personalization and auto created animated gif.

    Huge tracking ability with data able to be sent to slack so you can get notifications whilst the prospect is viewing the video.

    Easy to add CTA button or click to SMS, URL redirects etc. very versatile piece of kit.

    Good chrome extension so you can screen record and inset face to camera from any device and email directly to prospect or client straight away.

    Appsumo is running an LTD on Dubb right now and there is a webinar demoing the platform on the 10th May 11am CTD - details on appsumo's website.

    It is really good even if you just want to store videos and serve really fast without branding.

    Embeds anywhere and has built-n landing page that auto-populates with video - very cool and huge time saving features that I haven't found anywhere else.

    You can always checkout a free version to see how you like it but you will kick yourself if video marketing is your thing and you miss the LTD.

    If you check it out let me know how you go because I think your strategy will change slightly when you see what it does and it will save you a ton of time and headaches.

    best regards,

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    I do this with direct mail. It's targeted prospecting, testing as we go with small batches. You can host the video wherever you want...YT, Vimeo, AWS, whatever...put it on a webpage you own with copy, and have a FB pixel fire if they watch say 25% of the video. Could be 50% if you want even more qualification power. Then follow them around with the retargeting.

    A tool called Vidalytics may also be helpful to you.

    For awarding the prize for viewing, I'd do the Stephen King thing (discussed in Danse Macabre): don't put the instructions of how to claim at the end of the video...viewers would Skip To The End To Find Out How It Turned Out. Drop the How To in around 3/4 of the way through, as an initial call to action.

    You could potentially use the pixel firing to accomplish the same thing...there targeting shows them instructions on how to claim the prize...and takes them a step or two further along your sales process.
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