The 3 things I wish I knew 8 years ago when I first started my IM journey...

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Hey, it's Justin.

Today, I'm going to deconstruct how I believe I have been able to be what most people consider above-average in my success, measured specifically by my income.

I'm going to break that into 3 parts, and deconstruct those parts a little bit so you can see how and why what I did led to what I am now and how most importantly, you can model, understand and adapt things here to where you are in your online journey.

In real estate there is a saying that goes: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Which means: The "location" generally is the "reason" why a property is perceived to be super valuable or not so much.

I'm going to adopt that saying here, for Internet Marketing, so you can glimpse how/why someone like myself [and others] who have my habits, do good work, that works well for others, which results in a high-earnings potential.

#1 - LEARN LEARN LEARN just one thing, at a time, and well.

You can't offer customers, patients, or even leads, to another human who may want to pay for those, if you don't know how.

"Internet Marketing" implies that you generate leads... using an advertising platform... on the internet that can turn into sales... for someone else.

You can also generate leads for yourself to sell a service to the leads, which is to sell them marketing services, which gets them leads.

Leads could mean, website visitors, lead-form submissions or inbound phone calls.

Depending on what you are trying to do.

For example:

You put out an ad to get leads who are business owners.

You sell them a service, which is, you do ads, for them, just like you did to attract them, so they can attract more customers.


Many people get wrapped up producing/consuming cheap $7 info report products and study courses that are around $97 that teach "tactics" and "methods" but rarely does anyone ever, ask themselves who should I help make more money? And HOW should I go about doing that, so that, when I make them more money, I can cut myself in and make a ton of money for myself too?

So, morale of the story: Learn a skill, that pays the bills.

That would be ad writing, and learn the in's/out's of other platforms that serve these ads that you write.

If you get good enough at this and have 10-20 paying clients/each month, then you can even teach what you know, and you can sell it by doing the thing that you teach, it's a internet marketers supreme way to scale his/her income.

#2 - PRODUCT PRODUCT PRODUCT, just one, at a time.

Or service.

But nonetheless, if you try to master 2 or 3 things at once, it can be difficult.

Try to do more than that, and all often fails.

Doing more doesn't mean you'll make more money either.

Having a better understanding of the "right" things to do.

And doing those things "religiously/relentlessly" is what separates the successful people from those who aren't there yet.

If you don't know what a good product or service looks like, then study those out there who have incredibly good track records, but always be a little bit skeptical.

Make sure what you are studying is the whole truth and is not a clever marketing ploy.

It can be hard to tell the difference for a newcomer, but with time, you can begin to see who's fake and who's not.

The people who have been around for a long-time, are a good indicator of a healthy, prosperous and value-adding business/business-person.

#3 - HABITS HABITS HABITS, or die wishing you had had more money to spend.

Having habits like, writing ads for people, that get people more business, will make you more money.

Simple as that. You can read books on ads, to get better at ads, so that ads can give you the financial freedom and life you've always wanted.

I've personally sold advertising services, or used advertising services to market and sell other people's stuff, and my stuff, and it's made me a multimillionaire earner in the space of just 7 years.

I'm grateful for that - and it's a skill i'm always seeking to improve, because the better I get at the craft, the more I can make for my clients, the more I can make for myself.

Being amazing at writing ads that sell is not the only way to get rich, it's just the best way for a digital marketer specifically, to get rich.

You also have to have a good product to sell with your ads, or your toast, because, as an affiliate, you'll only make a portion of what you might actually be worth.

It's the product creators who make decent or even life-changing products, that get the glory, respect, fame and lions-share of the cash.

Always seek to improve who you spend more time with, and always seek to focus on the activities that are actually connected to the money.

Which are primarily: Other people reading about something that is awesome, that you wrote,.

Cheers, hope you enjoyed this article,

Justin Spencer
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