Hello Warriors Know of any good paying affiliate programs? One with sign up bonus some listed here.

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Hellow Fellow Warriors,

I'm in the processing of building a blog. Actually the Main Page and Some Page Are finished already but the Main focus OF the blog (contents part) is seriously lacking.

The Content. Which I am documenting is:

All Affiliate Sites That Allows Affiliate Sign-Up for Free And Gives $ Sign-Up Bonus.

I already found one at Domaining, Yuwie & Clixsense and WordLinx also has.

Domaining gives 3$ per sign up. I am documenting these and converting them as content for my site. Like a directory of Easy Cash.

If anybody here knows or you are actually running one please help. :-)

Oh and by the way The blog Im talking about is at my sig. paidtoclickcafe.

Thanks and all be well!


P.S. As one master said, "May the force be with you!" :-)

I edited this post since the last time coz i already found a few:

Great list of Ad Networks for publishers!

Here is a nice handy list of Publisher programs that you can use. Lets you know the min. payouts and how you get paid which is really important.

- You will always recieve the highest earnings per click as
BidVertiser will always display the highest bidders above the lower
bidders to maximize your revenue so that you will make more money.
They will pay with Paypal or Check and the Min. payout is

Adbrite - Banners are paid on a CPM basis (cost per
1000 impressions), so you get paid for simply showing the ad,
regardless of whether the user clicks on it. Banners can make your site
look professional and offer your users more useful information than the
95 characters in a text ad. Text ads are easy to create and
utilize the Internet's natural hyperlinking ability. And you
can sell your ads directly to your users with our "Your Ad Here" link.
They pay with Check only and the min. payout is $5.00

- Adtoll will pay you a 75% commission on all ads sold on
your site. For example if you sell an ad for $100, you will earn $75.
The other $25 is kept by Adtoll for providing the service,
maintenance, support, marketing etc... They pay with
Paypal, Cheque, Wire/Bank Transfer or Account Credit.
Cheques require a minimum of $40 in earnings, PayPal require
a minimum of $20 in earnings, Wire Transfers require a minimum of
$1,000 in earnings and payments to your AdToll Account Credit have no

- Earn 50% of
each ad click cost! And there is no min. amount of traffic needed like
on other sites. So if your site is new and only has 100
uniques a day, you will still be approved. They pay with
E-Gold, LIberty Reserve and Pecunix. The min.
payout is

ExoClick is a
pay per click platform that provides services for advertisers and
publishers. ExoClick.com is owned by ExoClick S.L., a European company
based in Barcelona, Spain. Weekly payments through Paypal,
ePassporte, wire transfer or mail check. The min. payout
is $10 for Paypal/ePassporte and $200 for Mail check.

- Publishers earn 75% of the revenue generated from all traffic sales
both from Network Ads and Direct Sales Ads. Payments are
Paypal, Epassporte, Bank Wire, Check, and Etology Credit. The
min. payout is $30.00.

- You reap the rewards of PPC ad widgets that earn better
than $2 CPM. We're seeing $3-$6 CPM on our widgets, about three times
that of traditional ad networks. Payments are PayPal and
Checks. The min. payout is $50.00

Adult Networks

- Control the price of your ads. Instead of text ads these are picture ads, which tend to get more clicks which gets you more money!! Payments are by Checks and epassporte.


You earn $0.30 for every standard male
member and $1.50 for every standard female member. Members from outside
the United States subject to bonus of $0.05 for standard male members
and $0.25 for standard female members. Payments are Checks
Only. The min. payout is $50.00

$40 Pay Per Join
- 50% Revenue sharing for life of membership
- 5% Webmaster referrals
- Payments are Checks and Epassporte.
The min. payout is $50.00

- - Check out the site for all the payments, there are tons of them..
- Payments are Checks, Fed Ex and Wire Transfer
The min. payout is $50.00

This one pays well. $75 for a sign up and you have downline as well. 65% Revshare!!
Payments are Checks, Paypal, Bank Wire and Epassporte!
The min. payout is $50.00
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