HELP! I keep failing at PPC advertising. Where can I go for help?

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I have been trying to learn PPC advertising for awhile now can't seem to create successful campaigns Is Fiverr the best place to go for help with PPC ads??
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    Looking for help and paying a freelancer to do it for you are two different things. If you need help learning how to do it yourself there many different ways to learn, the reason of going on Fiverr and hiring someone would be to have them do it for you.
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    What kind of PPC are you talking about?

    How long have you been trying?

    How big is your daily, weekly and monthly budget?
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    Fiverr is not the best place to learn ppc.
    I suggest take good ppc course from udemy or teachable.
    Try to learn and implement it.
    There will be trail and error but remember its just a part of learning.
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  • Gmoye101,

    Any advice you'll get here without sharing some or all of the things below is like watching a bunch of network engineers playing basketball -- It won't be pretty, for sure.

    • Who are your ideal customers and top direct competitors?
    • Why do you want to use PPC instead of other methods?
    • What networks, strategies and tactics have you tried?
    • How did you develop your sales funnels, landing pages, ad copies and targeting parameters?
    • How did you do these things in ways that allowed you to test different techniques, monitor test results and tweak your campaigns?

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    YouTube has a ton of tutorials.

    I'd be willing to look at your account and give you some advice.
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    If you are learning Google ads or Bing ads

    I can absolutely help
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  • Ask for experts through Marketplace. You can hire experienced PPC Specialist who can meet your requirements.
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    You can also ask for help on Facebook groups relate to PPC. The best place to learn PPC is from those who have success and a lot of experience.No all people who are teaching PPC on Udemy are experts.I prefer to learn from a PPC expert who has generated a lot of leads on Google and Facebook ads .
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