List Owners: How Much Do You Make Per Name?

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How much do you make per name? Is it unreasonable to expect $1/month per name?
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    that is the top-end of the "industry standard"

    if you're just starting out expect more like $0.25-$0.50.

    depends what niche you're in though.
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    A good metric is $1 per name per month however you can go as high as $5 per name or more it all goes about how you treat you list. How you build your list, and how you market to your list.
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    Ugh. With the generic way you've asked the question, the real answer is, "There's no way of knowing."

    It's like asking, "If I were to run an ad in a magazine, how much money could I expect to make?"

    What ad? What magazine? How big of an ad?

    Lets look at just some of the variables...

    You could build a list:

    -Through a non-incentivized subscription form on your website
    -Through a popup non-incentivized subscription form on your website
    -Through a popup huge bribe subscription form on your website
    -By buying another company's subscriber list when they sell their business
    -By paying for co-registration emails where they had to check a box to subscribe
    -By paying for co-registration emails where then had to UN-check to avoid subscribing
    -By buying 10,000,000 email addresses on a CD-Rom from a guy selling it on eBay with the username SpammerLolz
    ...and many other variations

    Did the subscribers opt in for your niche, or did they opt in to be entered into a lotto drawing?

    In addition to the list variables, there's what you're selling.

    Then there's the offers you're making them:

    -Are you trying to promote a product through an unproven sales letter that you wrote yourself?
    -Are you promoting an affiliate product that's already been promoted by everyone with a similar list 10 times?

    I could go on, but I think you get the point.

    Here's why it's so dangerous to make unproven assumptions about the value of the list you're building:

    If you took the suggestion at face value that the worst thing that could happen from building your list was to make $.25-$.50 a month per name, you might happily run off and blow thousands of dollars building that list, figuring you only have to wait 2 to 3 months for the initial investment you made in building the list to break even.

    "After that, it's all profit, baby!" you say as you chortle greedily...

    ...Three months later, it's possible that you won't have made back a dime. Or, maybe you've made a killing!

    But there's too many variables to make blanket statements. Start building a list, find out for yourself what it's worth, and proceed from there.
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      Yes you can make nothing... or much more. Depends on all the things Tim mentioned.

      I think Perry Belcher mentioned he averaged about $0.75 per name per month... and his list was a generic IM list which he hit quite hard.

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    Yeah, I get your point. I understand that there are many variables, but still I appreciate some general guidelines. I should have been more specific, though...

    It's an incentivized popup or squeeze page, on my website. Both incentive and the website are targeted to specific sexual health niche. And so are the follow up offers. Some of the follow up offers already sell well, others look promising.

    Of course, only testing can show the exact numbers.
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    It's very niche dependent. If you have a list of Mercedez-Benz buyers and your offer is closely related, you'll probably earn much more per member on a monthly basis than the guy selling a $5 report.

    It's also very dependent on the make-up of your list. In almost every case, a list full of previous buyers will make you a lot more per member per month than a list of tire-kicking prospects or freebie takers.

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    Originally Posted by showpage View Post

    How much do you make per name? Is it unreasonable to expect $1/month per name?
    I started list building/e-mail marketing 2 months ago. Currently, bringing in $.60 per name. Need to do better, but not a bad start

    Provide value to your list! And they will respond

    - Tommy

    - Meet Tommy Bussey -

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    Like I said, I know there are many variables. But even if I gave you details for every single variable, you still wouldn't be able to tell me for sure if and how well it would work. Everything is a guesswork until you run a test.

    Chill out guys... I'm not asking for fortune telling with money-back guarantee. Just share some experiences, and I'll be grateful.
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