What's the most effective traffic source for JVZoo products?

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I have tried posting YouTube videos, posting my urls on Facebook groups and even sent out some emails. The only change I see on my dashboard is the increase in the number of clicks. Not even a visitor, let alone a single sale.
What has worked for you?

And where does the increase in clicks come from? Because my videos have virtually no views at all
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    Try to build a list on MMO niche and then promote Jvzoo or Warrior+ products to them.
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    • Sounds like the right idea. Although would you suggest I buy the list? Because I have relatively low experience in list building. I don't have a high traffic website where I can collect email list from.

      I tried that on YouTube, but since I don't have enough followers, the videos aren't getting the traffic they need. I'm not too familiar with the way reddit works though.
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    You can try posting reviews

    (JVZoo product name) REVIEW

    To boost your chances of ranking, index your links through reddit and use guest posting to get backlinks
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    With Youtube, you will have to work for a long time in order to see clicks start to come

    This is not get rick quick business, it takes time. It takes time to master the skills, the methods.

    How many post did you post on Facebook group?

    What group did you join? How many member in that group is that?

    are they engagement with the content of other people' post?

    WITH FREE traffic, you will have to spend time, sometime is a lot of time

    in order to see clicks coming in.

    If you post only some post and some video, then you see no clicks

    that's normal. You just have to push more effort

    Good luck

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    I think something like pure solid SEO traffic works really well here anyway. Not Facebook, not Youtube videos, cause they do not provide any real effects to you anyway. Please keep posted here and after that I will review you results maybe too.
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    When it comes to traffic... not all traffic sources are created equal, that's why there's lots of testing involved.

    Free traffic is not scalable and you will spend a lot of time and energy obtaining it. However, paid traffic is quick... you can scale and optimize it with ease if you know your numbers and tracking the data correctly.

    More importantly, either way... you still need to build out a funnel with an enticing offer (FREE) to grab the attention of prospects to capture their email address and provide them with value while soft selling the product your promoting.

    These days direct-linking to an offer does not work anymore!

    Good luck!
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    Hi Williams,

    If you're actually going to run a business, you need to master paid advertising. That is where you're going to bring the heat to your offers. There is no way to scale free traffic.

    You're going to pay one way or another....

    I'm going to GIVE you the keys to the kingdom here, my friend. I hope that you will not skim over this and let it get away from you.

    The way to really drive traffic at an economic cost is to use Google ads (or Bing to start at an even more cost-effective rate) and then RETARGET on Facebook.

    If you're going to use direct Facebook advertising, be SURE that you use the selection in the drop down for "LIVES IN" whatever country or geo location you're targeting. Otherwise, you may get pretend people in some third world country who's not ever going to by anything from you clicking your links. (You will still get some scammers, but selecting the "Lives In" option will cut down a lot of the scammers.

    It is impossible to go into all the details of running a successful campaign in just a brief forum post. This is an entire discipline in itself and where most would-be marketers fail and eventually quit because they can't get enough eyeballs on their offers. I suggest you do a little digging about and get connected with a great paid advertising group that can help you to find success with your advertising.

    You can burn wads of cash experimenting.... or you can find people who have done exactly what you want to do and partner with them.

    All the best,


    P.S. One additional question for you. Are you sending your traffic directly to an offer? My experience (which seems to be a general rule) is to: "Send paid traffic to a free offer, send free traffic to a paid offer.")

    That is, if you're paying for traffic, you want to give them something free and enticing in exchange for an e-mail address. If they're going directly to an offer and they don't buy you're letting a lot of money and potential slip through your fingers. You want to get any paid advertising on a list attached to a drip e-mail campaign. So, you can continue to drip on them forever. In sales, they say it takes 6-8 contacts in order to close a sale.
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    My own list is the best source of traffic for not only JVzoo offers!

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