You can't just putit out, cross your fingers and hope for the best

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Not if you want real results...

The big writing buzz at the moment seems to be about press releases- which I think it outstanding. A well written and meaningful PR is powerful.

However before you attempt to write one, or get a professional to whip it up,(which, unsurprisingly I reccommend) have a good think and ask yourself
"What story sets me apart from the rest?"
Find your USP, a key point of difference, or weave a story that others pick up

One of my favourite bits of trivia (and the best thing is it could be COMPLETELY wrong, but it's a great story...) is that when we read the weekend paper we are reading more text than Socrates would have read in a lifetime.
I don't know if that's true, but with the advent of internet writing, never have we as a world been so saturated with words. To stand out, to become something that is read, you need to be DIFFERENT.

Find your story. Then tell it
Just please, don't just slap it on up there, and hope for the best. The best response to that approach is...
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    One piece of advice I'm constantly using to explain the whole press release thing to people I work for came from the publisher of a trade newspaper.

    Put your competitor's name in the release. Would you still care about the story? Then it's news. If not, it's not and don't waste your time with it because no one else will care either.
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      I've written press releases for large companies (preferably sales organizations) just to piggy back on them. Sales force of XYZ company is always looking for ways to convince customers about their products/services and their upper management is on the lookout for something like that.

      If there is something newsworthy (like company donating to certain charity etc), I'd just write a PR and link back to a (relevant) site of mine.

      PR appears on top of Google News (anyone can do this) and surge of traffic goes out to websites for the first few days...
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