Should this be reported?

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I just received a PM from someone offering me a review copy, priced at $1, of a product the member is thinking of offering as a WSO in the future.

The PM I received was sent to me and to 3 other members with usernames starting with the letter j. Looks like we have been picked more or less systematically from the members list, so I suppose this member are going thru the member list, sending each PM to a small group of people.

I checked the members profile. He joined today and has made 13 posts so far, just 7 minutes between the first and the last, all 1 line replies, the longest one consisting of just 9 words.

Nothing directly wrong with the replies, no spammy links in the post, no signature.

Interestingly enough the email notifying me of the PM ended up in my SPAM folder in Outlook, while all earlier notifications from WF have made their way directly to my inbox.

What do you make of this?

Should it be reported, and, if so, should it be reported by reporting it thru one of the posts that in itself is not a reason for reporting?
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