In what ways do you repurpose your content?

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Just wondering what ways all of you are repurposing/reusing your articles/blog posts/videos/audios etc?
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    You can create an e-book
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    Build interactive learning experiences with software I created.
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    Try to convert certain content into PDF files by using PDF conversion websites. There are many of them so if you don't have one on your computer it shouldn't be a problem. Here's an example of a site regular use for this purpose.

    Once you do this you can visit any number of PDF file sharing websites (There are hundreds of them) and upload your content. Some will even allow you to have links within the PDF file. Now you can promote that link. Plus, anyone who searches Google using the filetypeDF tag may be able to come across this content versus finding it on your site. It may be a good idea to use Wordpress though as I've seen a lot of these sites show up under this search tag that are Wordpress based.
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    I turn them into hashtag powered questions for twitter

    I've also stripped them down into video scripts for Youtube videos

    Finally, I've compiled blog posts into free booklets
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    Great ideas, keep them coming :-)

    I put my best blog posts in a specific category, and use the RSS feed from this category to automatically send an email newsletter with these posts.
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    Find new outlets for distribution. Almost all of my content is articles syndicated to an ever-growing base of online/offline publications. For any given commercially viable niche, there is a virtually unlimited demand by editors and bloggers for quality content.
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    Just creating new content. No need to post the same articles 100 times. You need to surprise your readers and increase traffic and traffic. And for this you need to create more high-quality content.
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    You can take one blog post and break that down into several smaller posts for facebook, instagram etc.
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    Really depends on the outlets one has for content and the ability to direct / modify content to address different niches.

    I start off with big production goals to either (or all of) TV, Book or Platform and build up and out to all the channels at my disposal along the way.

    "Content snippets can be replanted and become big oak trees" Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado
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