Any ideas how to monetize YouTube playlist?

by Macao
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Hello community,

I am the owner of music playlist in YouTube platform. At the moment, it has over 3.3 milion total views (created in 2018) and currently generating over 400K monthly views (still increasing every month). Playlist content is 100% music videos. Also, views are 100% real, no bots, etc.

I think that it may be kind of a passive income for me because with smart solution it can drive a lot of quality traffic to website, other channel, etc.

I'm wondering it is any possible way to monetize this? Maybe someone faced similar situation? Thank you for your answers.
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    There several other ways that you can adopt to monetize your Youtube can monetize your channel with affiliate marketing.
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      It is a YouTube PLAYLIST, not a channel.
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    I have no experience with this myself but as the other person suggested Affiliate Marketing. But to expand on that a bit more. I have watched a few youtube videos where, in the middle of the video at a certain time slot, there is an advertisement that will play. Sometimes there is more than one advertisement or "commercial" that will come up in a video that is only 1-3 minutes long. Each of those are opportunities for you to make money ! Congratulations on 3.3 million total views !
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      Did you read the topic? It is not a channel, it's a playlist.
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    Long time lurker here. Is this your channel, or you have a general playlist? Meaning, do you have control of the videos or just the playlist?

    I have a channel that has similar traffic 600K views per month. I have a few Youtube channels and I think the problem with a music channel, is the users will rarely click into the description box. I have a product review channel and also general tour channel. Each get completely different percentage of click through to description box.

    If you have a good amount of views per new video published, you can sell pre roll space. If your audience is US, then it may be able to go for $100. If they are varied countries throughout the world that would drop to around $25 per pre roll. This only applies if you own the videos, not just a playlist.

    You can sell link space in the description box also, but this may not apply if your users never go there. I would say for a high performing channel you will likely get 40-50 clicks per 10,000 views, which works out to around 1,500 clicks you could sell per month. How much they would pay depends on the relevancy and country clicks, and what the goals are for the clicks. If they are way out of target, they would basically be useless to that person an you will have to sell that click space every single month to someone new each month.
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      Nope, I am just the owner of PLAYLIST. I randomly adding TOP music videos in my playlist, videos are not mine.
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    First of all, you need to increase your popularity on your YouTube channel. Here are some tips for how to increase your YouTube popularity -

    1. Conduct Thorough Keyword Research.
    2. Plan Your Video.
    3. Build A Strong Description.
    4. Create a Releasing Schedule.
    5. Add Social Media Profiles.
    6. Design YouTube Account Defaults.
    7. Research Keywords.

    And you can also share your most popular videos on other social media websites.
    Thank You.
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    Anymore advices?
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