Christmas time is coming! Build some product sites using this list of free niche keywords.

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I just dug up some decent niche product keywords that would work great for building small niche sites with.

It's still not to late to build a site now and have it making a little $$$ in time for the Christmas rush.

Remember you can find products to sell with these easily using Amazon, Ebay,, etc...

If anyone has anymore niche product keywords they wanna share post them up. We can get a nice thread going with keywords that people can get started with today.

(the list of keywords is attached here.)
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    Was already working on a Christmas project so this list would come handy after doing some detailed check on it. Thanks for it.

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    I've got plenty on my plate too. These all seemed to have low competition but still a little traffic. And products that relate that can be sold. They may not have huge numbers as far as traffic but that doesn't mean they can't work.

    I've found that small trafficed product keywords like the ones in the list can make a great foundation for small niche sites. 1 or 2 of these sites may not make tons-o-cash but as you start building more and more the $ does add up.

    And they are damn easy to rank for with very little effort.

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      I've had a Christmas site for 10+ years now. Maybe this'll finally be the year I do something with it.

      I also have a second seasonal site that I've had for maybe 5 or more years now. I should probably do something with that too.

      Typically, I remember these sites sometime in December, at which point it's typically too late!

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