How To Price Monthly "Digital Marketing Packages"?

by GS12
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Hey everyone! I've launched a Digital Marketing Agency where we provide the following primary services:

- Sales Funnel development ($1,000 for standard 2 step funnel)

- Paid Facebook Ad Traffic (Outsourced to someone who charges a minimum $1,000/mo for their own fee)

- Google Ad Traffic

- Organic Social Media Management (Outsourced to someone who does it for $500/mo)

We want to create 4 different packages (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) where we charge a monthly fee (eg. $1,000-$10,000/mo).

Our target market are brands and/or influencers in a specific niche.

How do we effectively price each package based on the above services and any tips on doing so?
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    I would suggest you base your prices on a minimum monthly amount + a % of spend (typically 15%). How much your minimum amount should be is entirely dependent on a ton of variables only you know the answers to (how desperate are you for cash, how much income do you need in your area, how good are you really, what can your market bear, etc).
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    I'm not sure I can give advice on an exact price but someone else on here gave great advice and said "you can always lower your prices later"
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