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Hello All,

I am needing advice on which plugins to chose for my website. I know that I might have to buy these but am hoping there are some free options available. I need a good plugin for accepting payments. I know that I could just use PayPal but I would like to give customers the option of directly paying with a credit card if they like.

I also need a good membership plugin, I would like it that when my customers make a purchase that they are sent to a members-only page to download their purchase. It would be amazing if an email is also automatically sent to them with a username and tempory password so that they can return to my site and log into the member's section.

I am open to buying the plugins if I have to but am looking for free or low-cost options.

Any suggestions?
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    There are SO many options. You can use stripe.com for additional payment option or use a shopping cart like 2checkout.com.

    For a membership plugin that is fully featured and last I checked only costs $27 go to membergenius.com

    Any other suggestions you need let me know.

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    Originally Posted by bbradford71 View Post

    I know that I could just use PayPal but I would like to give customers the option of directly paying with a credit card if they like.
    Paypal DOES allow payment by Credit Card.

    If you use Paypal as your payment processor, your customers will automatically be given the option to either login to their Paypal account, or to provide CC details - so you won't need another processor or payment plugin.

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    It doesn't matter which plugin you have. You need a merchant account or a Payment processing such as 2co or Stripe to be able to do that.

    Speaking of Stripe, the plugin is available for free on Wordpress.

    Make sure you have an account with a company that allow collecting payments via CC like the ones I mentioned above then start thinking about how to integrate them on Wp because it's really easy and mostly free.
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    for membership, I would use wishlist member


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    I would advise you not to use FREE membership plugins if you are serious about your business. There are no obligations on the vendors part to update the plugin to the latest security patches and you will have a problem if you website is hacked.

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  • Hi,

    Don't use free membership because you will get only limited features...

    So if you are really interested to grow your business then go for a paid membership to avail more feature benefits.
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    You can use s2member for membership and control access to portions of the website.

    To allow payments trough credit cart directly ( if you don't like the Paypal way of doing this ), you need to use another payment processor.

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      Thanks, I signed up for an account with Strips yesterday and intend to use them. I haven't heard of s2member before but will look into it.
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    What's the best security for WordPress sites?
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      alot of wordpress hacking going on these days so you need to do atleast following steps:
      • change login page url
      • choose username other tha "admin"
      • wordfence security plugin (paid will be good but free version also works)
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    FREE isn't always what is preferred when you are serious about your business. Go with a paid subscription. It's much more secure. Consider something that is affiliated with PayPal or go with PayPal itself.

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    A module is a bit of programming containing a gathering of capacities that can be added to a WordPress site. They can expand usefulness or add new highlights to your WordPress sites. WordPress modules are written in the PHP programming language and incorporate consistently with WordPress.
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