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by lukeo
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Has anyone ever used either Snapchat or Pinterest Ads to drive traffic to their main website and if so which platform is more effective?
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    It depends on what your website is about. If it's a UFC or sports themed website, Pinterest probably won't work so well for you. Snapchat can be very effective as us Warriors recently learned from a case study by one of the admins. Check it out: Snapchat Case Study.
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      I looked at that case study a few weeks ago and to be honest that is the reason why I am asking this question! What about a fitness tips website, or make money online website where do you think they would fall under?
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        Fitness related businesses tend to do well in IG because it's a visual thing. Youtube can work well also. Making money online is a little bit different. It's educational...not so much Pinterest, can work well on IG, FB, YT and Snapchat.
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    Depending on the website

    Pinterest is good for Wedding, Home Decor, Fashion, Education, and Arts related niche. Snapchat is good for targeting millennials.
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    It all depends upon your niche if you are a fashion designer or home decorator or food business then Pinterest is perfect even female user ratio is high in Pinterest.
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    Depend on your website ads platform may be change
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    Both site has good traffic but niche are different-different.if you want to drive traffic on your website you can use Pinterest Ads.
    Pinterest is more effective site to conversion traffic on the your website, but you need one thing to thought, your Image content should be attractive for your user.
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    We use Pinterest if we are selling to women. Here's some stats:
    Pinterest user statistics
    • 250 million people use Pinterest every month. ...
    • Pinterest reaches 83 percent of US women aged 25-54. ...
    • 50 percent of new sign-ups in 2018 were men. ...
    • 80 percent of new sign-ups are from outside the US. ...
    • 34 percent of Americans aged 18 to 49 use Pinterest.
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    I think Pinterest is very good. I always use it for my work.
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    As both a user and a sm/seo I would say that Snapchat works well for "young people who live and breathe internet" and for mature audience (or the parents of the young people). If the images you have aren't perfect, go to snapchat.
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  • To add to above - not only does it depend on your niche, it also depends on your location. Pinterest is not that commonly used in Europe, especially Eastern part of it.
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    Both Snapchat and Pinterest are good sources to drive traffic to your main site. But depending on your niche the efficiency would vary. If your website is having creative stuffs then go for pinterest.
    And if your website is having things for the millennial and teenagers then go for the snapchat.
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    depend on websites.
    Pinterest is good platform. but depend on your niche.
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    You can't really say how effective are those two unless you know what niche or what kind of website it is for.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    It depends on website,Pinterest categories include architecture ,art ,DIY,fashion, food and drink than pinterest is good.
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    As many others have said it definitely depends on your niche and target audience. Pinterest is mainly women in the "middle" age category. I'm not 100% certain on Snapchat's demographic but I would bet money it is a much younger generation but probably not as gender specific as Pinterest.
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    Originally Posted by lukeo View Post

    Has anyone ever used either Snapchat or Pinterest Ads to drive traffic to their main website and if so which platform is more effective?
    I used Pinterest and it didn't work for me. A total lost of money. Haven't used Snapchat. I sell art and, as I said, Pinterest sucked.
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    You didnt mention your niche but I would use pinterest because people there are more precise and mature
    Snap is more for a younger adults and teenagers I would offer there a cheap fligh tickets and moke money websites
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    Choosing only from these 2 social networks, I would choose Pinterest. There is more adult generation sitting there than in Snapchat. I agree with the guys it all depends on your subject site.
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    I would like to first learn the niche of your site. Because I can not recommend you without knowing the themes of your site. These 2 sites are good for advertising, but it all depends on the subject of your site, to which user it is directed.
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    True, the niche is the most important thing. But generally, Pinterest does well if dealing with beauty and cosmetics while SnapChat is suitable if you focus more on celebs.
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    Hmm, I don't know about Pinterest Ads: but here's a 2019 static about Pinterest. if your website/product could work on Pinterest traffic & audience.

    1. Pinterest has 291 million monthly active users.
    2. Women on Pinterest power buying decisions.
    3. 50% of millennials use Pinterest every month.
    4. 27% of marketers are already using Pinterest.
    5. Pinterest users actively research purchases.
    6. 78% of users say content from brands is useful.
    7. 80% of Pinterest users access the channel via mobile.
    8. The average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes.
    9. By 2020, Pinterest ad revenue is projected to surpass $1 billion.
    10. Travelers are 2x more likely to use Pinterest.
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    Its totally depends upon the nature of your business. However, Pinterest is best almost all the business as comparison of Snapchat. I suggest you go for both.
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