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by kayme
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I have three Calls to Actions at the end of my blog posts: A download link for a free ebook, A sign up link for my newsletter, and a signup link for a forex platform that I promote on my blog. What I want to know is are these three calls too many for the readers choose from? If so, where on the blog is the best place to insert these links?
Thanx in advance
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    If I would see your website I could tel you more
    I would spread out all of those from each other so it doesnt cause a confusion

    1. a download link for a free ebook + sign Up for a newsletter I would put together
    2. add sign up link for forex platform separately on another page in menu
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  • Put the CTA that most relates to the post they just read. What's the 'natural' next step after reading your content?

    You know what they say: Given too many choices, most people won't bother.
    If that free report was as good as they told you it
    was, they would have tried to sell it to you
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    I would promote the free ebook on the side bar with an optin page.That way you are building your list and the ebook is on any page of your blog. The other links i would say create related content to you link and then promote it,it looks more natural ,and if the post is in value to the reader it converts way better.
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    Nothing wrong with having those three calls altogether as long as they are arranged that's easy for users to choose from.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    A call to action should actually come after something nice. So it means you cannot put three CTA after a blog. Obviously two of them will be misplaced. Create more content and spread the CTA so that it is relevant to the content.
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