how to hide referrer to the ad tracking domain?

by srb11
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so I buy a lot of traffic from many different sources
and all the traffic goes to affiliate offers via my ad tracking domain

the issue is that when I check the alexa and similarweb profile pages for my ad tracking domain
it reveals my traffic source domains (where my tracking domain getting traffic from)

and the agencies who having paid subscriptions for alexa and similarweb will literally see all of my paid traffic sources

How can I hide them? (traffic referring domains)

should I replace the tracking domain like every month?

I think the best way is that using the domain which has very high alexa rank and being shared by many advertisers together then it will mix up everything with massive data safely but not sure how I can obtain such domain as my tracking domain

Is there any good solution for this?

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ok since many people misunderstood as just hiding referrer URL against affiliate networks while promoting affiliate offers

I clarify my question again here

What I want to hide is those data of my ad server / tracking domain showing on alexa and similarweb website profile pages

The data such as,

referring domains to this website
domains visited before this website (also referring domains)
domains visited after this website
upstream website domains to this website (also referring domains)

These data not just created overnight but the traffic information obtained and accumulated for many days before showing on the alexa / similarweb website profile pages

Is it even possible to hide these data or at least manipulate?
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