Should I sell My domains?

by Big JP
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Hey Warriors,

I have 2 domain names which will expire in the middle of December, and was wondering if I should sell them, or do anything else with them?

I have never actually used them with any hosting, or had any content on them, I just used 1 as a redirect but that is it.


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      Originally Posted by dejanlesi View Post

      It depends on what the domains in question are.. Are they good enough that someone would buy them? You have to give some more info for correct responses..

      If they are quality domains then now is not the time to sell them.. Domain prices are currently very low and it is a buyers market out there.
      Well, to me they are nothing special, but I don't care if I get the best price etc. anything is better than nothing, which was why I was wondering should I try and sell them, rather than just letting them expire?
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    You gonna have hard time selling them.
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      Originally Posted by dejanlesi View Post

      Go over to DNF or NP and get them into the appraisal section and you will see what domainers think about them and then decide.. If you are going to let them expire then sure, try to sell them before that.. Start a 1$ start auction even, everything is better then nothing..
      That is exactly what I am saying, I will not be renewing them, so I am trying to figure out my options, like you say something is better than nothing.
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    What are the domain names? Are they any good?

    I usually have about 100-120 domains at hand at any given time. Every month about 10 of them need to be renewed. I decide to renew some, don't renew others. Those others, sometimes I just let go, some I put up for sale for cheap and some I give away for free. I tend to buy new domains for the ones I let go, with the full count trending slowly upwards.

    Most (almost all) my domains just lay untouched, sometimes for years and they stare at me like sins when it is time for renewal. But as I said, some of them were good catches and they are regardless of my not having made use of them yet.

    If they are so so investments, let them go. If they are short and/or aged and/or keyword-rich, hold on to them. You can PM me the domains and I can give you my personal opinion if you like.

    - Chief Executive Philosopher

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