A little tip for beginers who start with free traffic

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For those who just starting maybe you see some guides where people make $50-100 per day and you think if you will work hard you will make it

Lets tell you something working in IM its not easy and it takes time
You start working hard you create youtube videos ,blog posts ,coment on forums and you are very excited . Then after some time you see that get almost 0 viess or some views on your yt videos ,blog posts etc

Then you get fustrated because you work maybe 8-10 hours daily and you see not results ,and you think this not working as you dont get any conversion and you lose your time

Then you give up or search for another method where you reapeat the same process

Lets tell you something .If you work with free traffic "CONSISTENCY" its the key you need to work and not stop because things dont work fast in IM after pain you see results where your videos will rank etc

My advice for you its to find a part time job and in the other time work in IM and never stop working even if you see 0 results ,good things come after a lot of pain

Coninue working ,be persistent
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    Great, advise. In fact, all the people who have succeeded in IM started it as a part-time thing or just a hobby. It takes time to establish yourself and command a following. Consistency is the keyword. Don't look at the short term results but focus on the future. The good thing is that once you earn the first $, it will guarantee you a second, a third......... and so forth.
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    If you look at anyone that has a, currently, non-traditional job, like a YouTuber, marketer, basically any self-made businessman, they started it part-time. Or they started having some savings that they could really depend on. It's important that you put as much work as possible, without that affecting your quality of life. If you have to eat noodles for months so you can fuel your FB ads, you won't get far.

    I think this is why a lot of self-made marketers are really smart people. You don't have all of the time in the world and you don't have that much money. So you have to be really precise in what you are doing, in order not to waste any time and resources on things that won't give you a significant ROI (in terms of money, traffic, QoL improvement, etc)
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    Great advice!

    Consistency is the key no matter how you start it, with or without money, zero traffic or a big email list. Keep grinding and work hard at it. At some point, the results of your hard work will come.
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    Good call, you need to be consistent and show up every day. Its all about building momentum, everything is easier once you get the ball rolling, it just takes considerable effort to get it started
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    Thanks for the great advice. You really raised my morale. I just did not understand why I did not succeed. Maybe I'm not interested. But you inspired me to work harder and not stop.
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    Excellent tip. Another thing to remember is when you find a little success (Make a little money)...Don't abandon it. Just scale your efforts to multiply your income instead of becoming a victim of the shiny object syndrome.
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    Originally Posted by spartan14 View Post

    If you work with free traffic "CONSISTENCY" its the key you need to work and not stop because things dont work fast in IM after pain you see results where your videos will rank etc
    Consistency is really a key in everything you do.

    I have seen some marketers using YouTube as a strategy for free marketing. There first 100 videos not getting them anywhere but the 101 video started getting them daily free traffic.
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    That really True, You know consistency is really a pain. It gets very difficult and frustrating when you are not seeing the result in what you're doing upon all the efforts. But keeping at it or keep doing it no matter what is what actually brings success. Thanks for this brother.
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    But the tricky thing is that you need some motivation to remain committed and consistent. Image writing 2000 words blog post every few days, for months, and then you still dont get traffic because of a google algorithm change.

    thats why you need to work on projects that are short term and long term. example - leverage authority sites for quick ranking and sales (ex- medium.com, quora, tumblr etc). Create blog post on your own website for long / medium term.
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  • Great advice. In my experience, if a website is brand new then it is pretty tough to rank and get traffic. But if we constantly keep applying different strategies then in the end traffic starts coming and the website starts ranking. All that happens with a solid strategy and implementing.
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    The dream doesnt work if you don't work. You either put in sweat/time equity into your I'M business or get a job to fund advertising for your business.
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    Yes, consistency is definitely key, but only if the source is a quality source. For example, if you put your capture page on a traffic exchange, you will get thousands of hits and hundreds of opt-ins. However, if you keep consistently use the TE everyday for 6 months and not even 1 of your leads purchase anything from you, EVER, why on earth would you keep advertising on that TE?

    You have to fish in the pond where the fish are biting. Only then will your consistent efforts pay off. Otherwise, you're just wasting a whole bunch of time and energy.
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    Really great post and all the info mentioned above can be used in getting the results.
    Thanks a lot and keep posting in the future too but If I had to choose only one promotion tactic I would go for influencer outreach strategy. At least from my experience, it was the most effective one.
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    Absolutely could not agree anymore!
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      what issues you are facing with your blog and can you explain your story here
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    Having social media accounts like facebook, instagram etc. will be a starter. Joining specialized facebook groups that focus on food, vegetarianism and nutrition will also help.

    When it comes to ebooks, I think Amazon thru Kindle is a good platform to sell. You just need marketers to promote your ebook. Hiring an online virtual assistant who knows funneling, marketing and social media marketing will really help.
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    I agree with what you say on these people being smart. I agree that we do not have all the time in the world and we would not always have the resources. Starting it out part-time, without exhausting all your resources will be a good strategy when one is just starting in this non-traditional, online work. Kudos to you!
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    Great advise especially for someone like me who just work hard, none seems to be going well. hopefully i can have the persistence.
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    Discipline is important but think that evolving rapidly is better than blind persistence. If you keep doing the same thing over and over with poor results, then it's time to investigate your analytics and extract meaningful insights from it.
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    Agree. Consistency is the key. This has been my weakness actually. I started writing a blog on my site but didn't write any follow-up content. So, I guess I should be writing more!
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    Starting out if you are working a job ...you should really focus on building on area..either a YouTube channel or a blog to put effort in to get good at producing content .and developing an audience
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    If you're going to do free marketing, make sure it proves your time and effort to do it. Track each page to your site that you promote from, and see which ones either bring in the most revenue or leads. Then you can narrow down your efforts, save time, and stop wandering around for the next fun traffic wave.

    Do some simple testing to see which strategies are working for you, and continue to do them everyday - consistently.
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    Awesome writing! I loved it!

    Yes! you are 100% correct.
    With free traffic you must have consistency and the ability to communicate with people
    and create engagements.

    The more you will interact and establish your authority, the more engagements you will have that will ultimately lead to conversions.
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    -Social media
    -Effective high authority backlink.
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    Totally agree with you. It takes time.
    If you want the desired free traffic then you must have patience. If you have done everything correctly, but still you need to wait for some time because it is a long term building process.
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    Nice words of wisdom and encouragement!

    Don't ever give up. If Plan A doesn't work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet and numbers are infinite. Organic traffic can be hard to catch but when you had your tactics working, you'll be overwhelmed.
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    You gave some practical advise here.

    To succeed online, a newbie needs knowledge, consistency, persistence and endurance. Without these 4 traits, failure is assured

    The best advise I will give any newbie that really wants to succeed is that, they first build a funnel. No funnel, then don't bother starting or you'll fail.

    Why did I say funnel?

    Why won't a newbie get frustrated when he sees little or no result for his efforts?

    He keeps sending traffic to his affiliate link and gets clicks but no sales. It can be really be frustrating.

    However, if he builds a squeeze page, he first gets the visitor to subscribe and join his list. Getting your first subscriber is something of joy. That is the essence of building a funnel.

    Then he begins to send the subscriber a series of autoresponder messages which increases the likelihood of the subscriber buying. The greater the number of people in his funnel, the more likely of not only making a sale, but of making consistent sales.

    If he builds a funnel and starts using free traffic methods and gets 10 people to subscribe to his list daily, he'll have a 1,000 subscribers in a 100 days time. If he decides to buy solo ads from the little money he is making from his list, he could make up that number within 2 months. I'm sure within a year if he is consistent, 10,000 subscribers.

    At that point, he stops a being a newbie and can start teaching others.

    If you're a newbie and you find it hard to build a funnel, then simply head down to Fiverr.com. They are the only online freelancing site I use regularly and that's why I can recommend them.

    Simply search "sales funnels" and you'll find lots of gigs with sellers ready to build sales funnels for you. Some can be as low as $50.

    To build a funnel, you'll need a lead magnet, a series of autoresponder messages, a autoresponder provider such as aweber, getresponse or clickfunnels and a domain and host.

    You can register a .info at Namecheap for $2.99 if you can't afford $11 for a .com. You can get cheap quality hosting at warriorforum's marketplace. Just go to "webhosting offers". Hosting can be as cheap as $2 a month and you'll pay monthly.

    To commence, first find a product to market. However, not just any offer will do. It must be a product that has good affiliate support. Whatever product you want to promote, make sure it is top selling in Clickbank , Jvzoo or Warriorplus as well. Also, ensure it has swipes as it is those swipes that you'll use for your autoresponder series.

    After you pay for the sales funnel gig, the seller will request for the following in order to set up your gig. They are:

    1. A hosted domain name
    You'll provide them access to your cpanel for them to create the squeeze page.
    You will therefore have to provide them the username and password of your cpanel.

    2. Your autoresponder login details.

    3. Your swipes which they will use for the email autoresponder series. You'll give them according to the order you want them sent. The seller would have provided you with the info of which swipe to send first and which to send last.

    4. A lead magnet. That is then freebie you offer your visitor in order to subscribe to your list. Your freebie must be related to your real offer which is the product you're promoting as an affiliate

    So, if you're promoting a product for weight loss, it must be a weight loss ebook.

    At times, the seller provides you with a lead magnet.

    If they did not, don't freak out. You can simply go to Buyqualityplr.com and purchase a lead magnet related to your offer. Ebooks or reports do best as lead magnets.

    I chose buyqualityplr as their PLR are of high quality. Many PLR's are littered with bad English and lots of grammatical errors. The time you take editing poorly written PLR can be better used preparing your own lead magnet if you know how.

    Ensure you put in your affiliate links in relevant sections of the ebook or report. Used the Footer to market your primary product. Ensure you track all the links in your lead magnet by using bitly or any trusted link tracker.

    Once the funnel has been set up, and handed over to you, start marketing it like crazy. Watch as many videos as possible on Youtube on traffic generation, both free and paid. Concentrate on free initially and use a mixture of two eventually.

    Getting free traffic takes time and persistence.. Paid traffic is immediate traffic but it involves a learning curve to make a profit.

    I wish you the best
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    • Thanks for the insight.
      "Then he begins to send the subscriber a series of autoresponder messages which increases the likelihood of the subscriber buying."
      However, I have a quick question for you:
      I am not a copywriter, so getting those autoresponders and the sales page content is going to cost you a lot. So, I would like you to give us a quick walkthrough on that.
      Your help is always appreciated.
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    An SEO friendly URL clearly specifies and briefs us about the page using keywords that are easy to read for both search engines and users.
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    Yes, First time need to positively receives pains, failures. Finally, at a time you will got a better results. All of them known as: No pain No gain.

    Thanks for post
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    The devastating majority won't make it and will keep spinning their wheels with little to no results.

    Persistence is good but knowledge of the game is even better.

    Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    1. Send an email to your friends, family, and professional connections and ask them to help spread the news.
    2. Share your website URL and post links on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    3. Add your business listing to Google.
    4. Add your business listing to a professional service directory.
    5. Ensure that your website is responsive.
    6. Understand how to impact your SEO.
    7. Add your website to your business cards, email signature, and any signage or equipment (trucks etc.)
    8. Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on your Google listing.
    9. Start blogging with one simple post.
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    Great advice.. consistency is important, without a doubt..

    but if you share something to do consistently.. that will be great for example should i work more on social media? blog commenting or google ranking?
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      Originally Posted by Ahmed Umair View Post

      Great advice.. consistency is important, without a doubt..

      but if you share something to do consistently.. that will be great for example should i work more on social media? blog commenting or google ranking?
      Yes, consistency is the keyword to anyone who wants to earn a living online. As I said in the other post, you should have another source of income if you want to achieve some level of success. The first months are difficult and you can easily get frustrated.
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    Doing IM full time in the beginning is boring, I also recommend doing a part-time job side by to make things spicy and after a while, you will make your own world interesting with IM
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    Great advice. Too many people look at IM as a get rich quick scheme and don't realize it takes a lot of work.
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    Everyone here is right about "consistency" but you must realize that everyone is being consistent!

    - They're consistent in hoping for things they cannot possibly achieve.
    - They're consistent in approaching IM in the wrong way.
    - They're consistent in doing the wrong things.
    - They consistently do the wrong things because they do not know for sure what the true and tested steps are. (In many cases it is not possible, so you must find what is and do that: a job, maybe?)
    - Some are consistent following wrong thinking <<< Testing is the key!

    So just saying to be consistent is enough because everyone IS consistent...simply, in the wrong way.

    I believe that checking (testing) one's thinking on a small (local) scale will fare much data for more extensive and engaging IM efforts.

    The ebook and youtube video strategies (where entry to funnels and conversion is the goal) did and still offers great test results once a newbie got up to creating content. However, a lot of time can be saved if we start off on the right foot. If money problems are your motivation and covering your bills short-term is your goal, IM is not where you should start. You need to start growing in an eggshell (your immediate surrounding) and you need to resolve that money issue as immediately (locally) as possible. Money in the hand will take you further in IM than not having it and exhausting what little energy (and money) and sensibility you have trying to fly in IM is ridiculous!

    Start changing your consistent behaviors (3-9 weeks)+ to effective and successful ones before you begin to move forward in your efforts online. Most agencies, partners and influencers would expect some substance by way of your online presence (website, shared interests groups and other social networks) before giving you access, shares, views, and other things that are beneficial to profitable IM results.

    By far, I see many IMers gain great traction after they've built up solid and focused content - the sooner you start switching your consistency over to effective development, the sooner you will reach your goals (which should be growth, including added income). But initial short-term money, should be resolved for you immediately once you find your direction and test locally - that's as simple as I can make it.
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  • Excellent advice in this forum and I'd like to add the importance of developing and nurturing your own style, be original and genuine and utilise all the media channels at our disposal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, own Blog.
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    Agree with you! Part-time job allows to have time for blogging and gives money in the same time. My niece does her first steps in blogging and she manages account of a popular blogger in the same time. She gets necessary experience and tries to create her own content.

    Best and worst brands, reviews from real customers - https://www.pissedconsumer.com/

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