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Now i know someone isn't going to be using Shopify payments to do a home purchase, mkay? The more I work with these sites though, the more I see features that would make Shopify a great tool for a Reason Estate Agent that would like a clean multimedia rich experience. The more I also see opportunities to be an ongoing developer!

Do you know of any site examples or themes of good Shopify real estate sites??
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    I am sure you will not find many or any at all. Shopify is designed for shopping sites. Real Estate sites are not shopping sites in the shopify sense. And, why would a developer want to use shopify for Real estate anyway, there are many Real Estate specific themes for wordpress as well as stand alone solutions. I would think the stand alone solutions would probably be better because any agent or broker is going to require the MLS system be integrated into the site and I doubt Shopify has that functionality

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    I'm not sure I can see the connection between Shopify and Real Estate? Can you elaborate on what you are thinking?
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    People don't typically buy real estate via ecommerce. Realtor websites are more for lead generation. Most people need to see a property in person before moving forward with a purchase that large.

    As Al suggest, there are better options for a real estate agent.
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  • Profile picture of the author professorrosado could use that idea for RELATED business or services!

    Mull it around a bit more and learn about real estate and all the nooks and crevices up in there because I think you may be on to something nice!
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    Very interesting ... Hot button issue to me... I'm having trouble visualizing how this would work using Shopify or any similar platform because you need to see the property and make sure all the legal i's are dotted and t's crossed.

    THE PROCESS IS THOROUGHLY BROKEN. The commission structure is highly geared toward getting buyers to buy properties that aren't right for them - and sellers to sell under less than advantageous terms. Considering the long-term nature of real estate and the importance of a happy home to life in general, this is a major issue.

    Making money isn't bad. It's what the economy is based on. But making it at the expense of others is a MAJOR problem. Agents ad brokers will say they work for the buyer or seller, but bottom line is they work for themselves. The agents, brokers and other fee charging entities are making tons of money at the expense of people who just want to build a happy home. Everyone seems so nice, but once checks are cut at the settlement table, it's bye-bye ... unless of course the house wasn't right for you, and you want to buy/sell again.

    The bigger issue is that the fees are often hidden, in settlement statements that most people don't read or understand, that agents often give a dismissive shoulder to (I wonder why).

    There's a book out by Ric Edelman who acknowledges this issue. I'm not sure I agree with his solution, but one of my missions in life is to find a solution, or at least make the industry transparent so that it is more competitive.
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