LinkedIn Ranking Factors (June 2019)

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Hey Warriors!

Pete Davies (Senior Director of LinkedIn's Product Management) has recently opened about up how LinkedIn approaches ranking posts. Here is a quick overview to help you better optimize your Content Strategy for LinkedIn.

Key Point: The more valuable the conversation, the higher in your feed the post will be.
Quality of posts are based on their framework called "People you know, talking about things you care about".


1) LinkedIn prioritizes your connections based on their Creator Side Optimization - which is who we've interacted with directly, who you work with, interest & experiences and who would benefit from hearing from you. All of these factor into how they rank your feed's content.

2) Quality conversations often are authentic and have constructive back and forth.

3) Content on your feed is also catered to you based off of signals of interest you provide to LinkedIn such as.. groups you've joined, hashtags, pages and people you follow.

4) Post things that encourage a response.

5) Use a post type the would be best suited for the topic (ie. video, articles, long-form post, etc). The algorithm doesn't favour any particular formats.

6) Use @mentions to engage with people (max 5 people - rule of thumb).

7) Respond to comments and encourage back & forth discussions

8) Use no more than three hashtags

9) Starting discussions around niche topics rather than broad
ie. Use #performancemanagement instead of #management.

You can view the full article in the link below:
LinkedIn Ranking Factors & Best Practices

What do you guys think of their ranking criteria?
Are there other factors that you have noticed help your posts perform better on LinkedIn?
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