How to stop Affiliates from promoting your produt!

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Lately, as part of my business, I tend to visit many clickbank vendor sites, new and old ones.

What I noticed is the amount of vendors who actually do their best to stop Affiliates from promoting their product.

I am not sure why people do it actually.

I guess you don't know what I mean, so I'll explain.

1. Have you visited a vendor site that has this annoying popup that pops up at you with an optin form the moment you arrive at the site? Guess what, affiliate doesn't like it! Better leave this popup for the exit.

2. Did you test if your copy converts before telling the affiliates they should promote it?

3. Do you provide tools for the affiliates to use? Yes, the small link in the bottom menu of your site that actually leads to an affiliate tools page that looks like you put some effort in it? I have seen many vendors creating an affiliate tools page with their hop link on it and nothing else, guess what - this is not an affiliate tool, I can actually get the link myself from your order button.

Listen vendors, this is your business, you already spent your time/money into it, why do you disrespect your most important promotion tool?

Yes, affiliates are an army of people that devoting their time and money into making you more money.

Affiliates, don't waste your time with disrespectful vendors, there are many products out there for you to promote.
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    Ok.. just gonna say this because it annoys the hell out of me to no end and you just happen to be the person who posted it when I'm annoyed enough to comment on it. drives me nuts when people assume that the sponsor is the problem when their traffic doesn't convert. Drives me up the wall. Ever stop and think that maybe it was YOU that did a ****ty job of preselling the surfer before they got to the site? That maybe you were the one who turned them from initially interested to lukewarm at best? No, I didn't think so. Far too many people are so easily critical of others without looking at themselves. That street goes two ways.
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