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A long time ago, in a discussion with my mentor about my wacky ways, my mentor said to me 'Watch your tone' and I was confused because I didn't say anything I thought was inappropriate, so I asked what he meant.

He explained that he was referring to my 'Marketing Tone' and I had to admit I did not know what he was talking about though I had an idea of what he meant. He asked me to explain what I thought Marketing Tone meant to me.

I said something like "Keep my remarks honest even if it offends someone."

He said no that is partially right, but Marketing Tone in regard to speaking to others does not apply to my remarks.

He explained that all businesses have a brand and that brand is perceived by people in different ways when the Marketing Tone is not consistent.

I had an Ah Ha moment and said something like "To create and maintain a good brand my company should employ consistent value and that good value will set the Marketing Tone?"

He said something like.. "You got the idea and if you post a sticky list on your computer screen make sure it is always at the top of your list." He also explained that when I do business with other companies as well as clients of other businesses and customers of my own company that they all will perceive my own business and products as valuable.

Not long after that he passed I am sorry to say and at his funeral a man approached me with a sealed envelop from my mentor to me. The man explained that I was not to open it until after the funeral. I complied.

It was a short message from my mentor that said "Watch your Marketing Tone and pass it on to others. P.S. The scotch is hidden behind the book "Quotations of Henry Ford."

Something to think about.
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    Great motivational/coaching post Jeffery. Some people could care less about tone - especially if all they're in it for is making money and not helping the positive end result occur for the client or customer. Some marketers brand themselves with their harsh language and style of marketing, while others remain respectful and obstain from foul language.

    I cant lie, both styles have made people profitable, but if i had it my way - for my business - i'd rather keep the pleasant/humble and respective tone when talking to a person who helps me sustain my way of living.
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    Interesting piece of advice. I'm not sure I "get it" 100% but something to keep in the back of my mind for future reference
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