How to use Permission Based Emails, Solo Ads, Email Swaps etc, to make your Prospect to Buy.

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I recently stumble upon a permission based service, and i have seen the same problems people have with solo ads, ad swaps, etc.

Sometimes the leads convert very well, sometimes very bad, depending on the email list owner.

So i saw that the difference is always the same, the one which separates the savy solo ad user from the strugglin' one.

It also apply to permission based email, co reg, etc.

What is?

The Brand Awareness and the Redundance of the Message.

What do i mean? The fact is that these people are in multiple email lists and they're pretty bombarded with lots of offers. They're people. Like us. When we read all these equals headlines, the same body text, the same swipes.... sounds boring, ya?!

So what you need is to stand out from others.
Make these people think that you have something different to say from the others.
Make them follow you as a person.

So technically you have to retarget these leads with facebook ads, with google display, etc, to have some redundancy in their life. They have to see that you are everywhere, that your face is real. Use the same headlines in the emails you sent to make them match your message with your emails.

And in the email you have to put your details: skype, etc. And your url website. And your FACE. I mean, a little pic. You need to expose yourself.

You need to segment: when you will have more than 10.000 subscribers, you need to segment them in 3 parts after sending your broadcast:

people who opened your campaign
people who clicked your campaign
people who not opened your campaign

Then, send them a different version for not opened and opened. Try to infere what made them open but not enough interested to click.

And of course people who did not purchase. But as a minimum guidance the first three ones would be good.

Personalize yoru message, and EMAIL EVERY DAY. Yes, every day.

Then, clean your list frequently of non-interested leads: this is necessary to not affect your domain with bounce contacts or not interested who could flag you.
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