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Considering I found a product for dropshipping and I've made the right targeting. For how long should I run the ad to know if it's good product or not.
Usually and before running the ad i estimate a CPA amount and if I passed the amount without selling anything I stop the ad.
Please let me know your opinions.
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    if you are running an advertisement by chosing the right audience still get no results than its strange!
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    maybe should run advertisement for a little more time.
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    This is just my opinion based on my experience.If its a good product and the right targetting you should make a sale in day 1.Sometimes it takes 3 days,it depends much on the audience size demographics,how many ad sets and all that jazz.The thing you should find out first is your breakeven point and minimum ROAS(Return On Ad Spend).If you make a sale but not profiting-that is bad.Find out these metrics first and how to price your products.It boils down to this-testing.Keep testing products till you find a winner.
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