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Hello and thank you for your help!
I want to start an affiliate business in my country(Europe). But here we have some problems with GDPR(data protection). Everything is unclear!
We have also GDPR consultants that were fined(large sum...). How can we make an Affiliate business without collecting peoples data(email etc..)?
Thank you!
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  • Google takes into account that the two sites are related. Receiving a link to your site is receiving a vote in Google's eyes. Hence, if the two sites are related, the vote holds less weight than a link from a separate domain. Think of it like a baker voting for their own bread at a cooking competition. The judge (in this case Google) will take the relationship into account.

    So yes, it does make a significant difference. I think less juice is passed, but I am unsure on this, Google may have some other way of discounting the link. None the less, the link still holds value. Hope this helps.
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    It is not illegal to let people opt in to an email list, and then send them to an affiliate offer.

    In my email newsletter I link to posts on my wordpress site, and each post that has affiliate links in them have a clearly visible affiliate disclaimer in the beginning of the post.
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  • I just want to clarify. Did you obtain the data from your customers opting on? Or are these from cookies?
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