I find a good domain, the page is parked, but says in top page "name expired"?

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I want to register a domain that I find...

The page is parked with ads... But there are a "information" in top page saying

"This domain name expired on 2019-07-21 07:21:06
Click here to renew it"

In "Click here to renew it"

Goes to the same domain, don't go to external website to renew nothing...

Tips about it?
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    Try a Whois search for the name and see who the registrar is. Go to their site and contact someone about the domain's availability. Some have domain marketplaces or auctions - look for it.
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    Try to find a similar name that's available.

    I did this in 2012. I wanted redwidget.com but GoDaddy listed it at $1700. I tried to buy it but the website blew up.

    Good job I didn't buy it because I had some inspiration and ended up buying redwidgets.com instead for just $10.

    I had some great years of income from the site, and I feel so smug that I didn't fall for the premium domains "scam".
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    Thank for all tips about it!


    1. The Registrar is NiceKing.com but when I go to, redirect me .... Why??

    2. Can anyone give me more informations about how many days the domain to stay free to be grab?

    Look the date of expiration in Printscreen bellow:

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    Doesn't make sense - you are listing two different dates...

    You can't 'renew' a domain someone else has registered. You could only register it yourself WHEN it becomes available. You can't swoop in a day after expiration and grab the doman as there is a 'reclamation period' where the previous registrant can pay more to keep that domain. The 'reclaim' period can be from 2 weeks to 45 days.

    I'd think "updated on..." would mean it has been renewed. I could be wrong but its been registered for 15 years.

    If you are determined get a particular expired domain - go to sites like domainsherpa.com and godaddy - and learn how to backorder domains or how to get them at auction.

    I am definitely not a domain expert but anyone registering domains needs to learn the basics of registration, renewals, back ordering, etc.
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    If the domain points to a parked page somebody owns it. It doesn't matter what you are seeing on the page. A click button to "Renew" is just to bait a former owner to pay up.

    Sav.com took over nameking. Nameking never had a good reputation and was notorious for domain hijacking, etc.

    You could inquire about the domain at sav:

    General Inquires = (888) 580-8790


    You will probably be better off just going with a different domain name anyway.
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    If this happens, usually, you'll have to search for the real domain's owner using services like Whois, to know who registered the domain.

    Once you find out who owns the domain, try contacting the person about the availability of the domain.
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    You will not be able to register that domain.
    From the information provided, it was registered since 2004, and it expired in 06/05/2019 an the owner updated it on 07/05/2019, which mean the owner has already renew it.
    You can be thinking of it expiring and dropping only sometimes in 07/08/2020, which possibly the owner has set to auto-renew.
    Preferably get a Domain closer in spelling or a domain hack for the domain.
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