When doing article marketing, is 10 articles a day overkill?

by easysleazy 24 replies
That what I read in a thread here somewhere. Or is once a day enough?
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    It depends on your goal - what do you hope to achieve from your article marketing?
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    It all depends on your business model. If you are focusing on Article Marketing for your business then yes, 10 is a fair number. If it is just part of your online business then that can be a chore and very time consuming when you have many other tasks to do.

    I have some clients that write 15-20 a day, 5 days a week but that is all they do and they make several hundred dollars a day from such focused article marketing.
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    If you've found a niche that actually works for you, then you should not stop and go crazy writing more articles. But if it's been months and no result, consider finding another niche, there's no reason to write more.

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    It probably would be a bit extreme if you are submitting 10 articles to the same directory but, if you are splitting them up (as you should be), submitting to at least two other directories (3 in all) You are golden, my friend.

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      As some of the others said, it depends on your goals. For example, if you are looking to get back links to boost your sites popularity then go to it and write and submit as many articles as you can all over the net. If you are looking for traffic to make affiliate sales or Adsense income then the quality of your articles is very important.

      If your articles are good and not the same old info that people find all over the net then more people will trust you and click your links. Another benefit of writing high quality articles is that people may publish them in their newsletter and get you a giant surge of traffic. They may also be published on other people's websites bringing you even more traffic and another high quality, inbound link.

      I would rather write two interesting and highly informative articles per day than ten average or run-of-mill articles. That being said, there are uses for the lesser quality articles, but I'll save that for another time.

      John P
      Want to Create a Profitable Online Course?


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    I don't see anything wrong with writing 10 articles per day as long as you are not spamming any single article directory over and over again.
    That being said, try to submit your articles to EZA first and once they are approved (& indexed by big G) then submit them to other article directories. This way your article will get a higher ranking in organic results and can also serve as a powerful tool for getting back links for your main site.

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    There is one negative to writing and submitting that many per day to one directory (say, EZA). The law of diminishing returns kicks in. If you get X amount of traffic from that directory from one article per day, you will not get 10X that amount from 10 articles per day. You're essentially competing with yourself.

    However, there are other considerations. If you're writing articles based on a keyword list you researched and compiled, then you have an eye on long-term search engine rankings. Good idea! That may (or may not) outweigh your desire to get immediate traffic from the article directory itself.

    I find a happy medium that works for me (3 articles per day). Others will tell you that's too many; some will say not enough. Find your own level that you can do without burning out. Article marketing does work, no doubt about it.

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    Definitely not too much - from what I hear about article marketing "the more the merrier".
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    As long as it's quality content and not re-hashed and
    re-spun BS, then 10 articles per day is fine.
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      Remember, all of the articles don't have to be for the same product or in the same niche. Also, remember that there are lots of places to post articles in addition to the directories - Squidoo lenses, blogs, etc. You can have multiple outside sources pointing to your site and dominate google.

      Also, over at Earn1KaDay (membership site), there was recently a 24 hour article writing challenge. Several of the members wrote 30 or more articles in that time period. While 10 is nothing to sneeze at, it's also not the maximum possible either.

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    Write as many articles as you want but you have to take care of 2 things:
    1. Articles must be unique and related to your niche.
    2. You should not ignore other marketing tasks. This can affect your business
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    Article marketing is only one part of your maketing strategy. You should have a varied link portfolio if you want to be successful in the long term. Oh, good content is paramount, so if 10 a day waters down your quality, ease up a bit.

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    Yep, I agree 10 articles a day isn't overkill and using article marketing works, this has been proven time and again. Submit unique, useful articles to EZA, in my and many others experience this gets results.
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    I'm surprised to hear these responses as I've always thought that google would punish sites and not give them backlink credit if you have too many backlinks in a day. 10 is one thing but for others to say in effect the more the merrier is really new to me.
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      I didn’t get it! Why google should punish sites with many backlinks in a day, since the articles are unique?
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    Write 1 or two par day and use this service Article Distribution For Free At Article Marketer - Check It Out. Really cool free service.
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    Boy, you guys are starting to make me feel I'm under-doing things when I submit an article a day Time to consider ramping up my article marketing campaign!

    ~ Sirius
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