Is Niche Marketing still worth the effort?

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I've been niche marketing off and on for about 20 years. I've been out for about 4-5 years or so and im about to jump back into online income creation. Is niche marketing still worth it? It was a tried and true workhorse for me for a decade or so, but I know things change.

Please no fish stories about the billions you're making if you're not.
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    It's been a long day, maybe I'm having a brain fart here...what other types of marketing is there if not niche marketing? Isn't niche marketing the only (best) way to find targeted leads and customers? I'm quite certain I'm missing something obvious here...what other kinds of marketing are you thinking of doing instead?
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    Given how Google's RankBrain algo is quickly weeding out backlink-propped crap content, I'd say NOW is the best time to build niche sites for passive income

    Since bounce rate and user dwell time play a large role in how Google ranks content results, high quality niche sites that actually DELIVER VALUE to the lives of searchers will get rewarded.

    I see this only increasing in the future as Google's algo gets smarter

    Niche sites aren't going to go away anytime soon

    Now, paid niche ads on social media, that's another story.... the short version: niche marketing on FB is simply too expensive and will continue to be so in the future
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    Yes, niche marketing is still a booming business, everything depends on how effectively you are doing SEO. I am showing you one of my niche websites recent screenshot so that you understand how effective it is :
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    Originally Posted by Michael Motley View Post

    I've been niche marketing off and on for about 20 years. I've been out for about 4-5 years or so and im about to jump back into online income creation. Is niche marketing still worth it? It was a tried and true workhorse for me for a decade or so, but I know things change.

    Please no fish stories about the billions you're making if you're not.
    Hey welcome back old pal!

    I did not know "niche marketing" was something in its own category per se. I mean the term itself was once declared and adopted by the online marketing community as opposed to MMO and Internet Marketing niches that were kind of "saturated" at one point, everybody was selling MMO and IM products to other MMO and IM buyers, learning how to sell MMO and IM... etc. get the point?

    Then suddenly the idea of developing and reaching EVERYTHING ELSE THAN... started to make a lot of sense and so the term "niche marketing" was born so everyone understood it was NOT related to MMO or IM stuff. But...

    Niche Marketing IS marketing everything online in fact. So, YES, well and alive Niche Marketing is!

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      Unlike in generalized marketing where market competition is still, niche marketing has quite less competition for the viable customers purchasing the products. Niche marketing makes it possible for businesses to build their brand loyalty.
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    nice marketing is the best way to make money online. so you can use these tactics for your business.
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    Niche marketing still works old warrior. I am not making a killing like most people but I own a few niche sites that brings in consistent income from Google adsense so I can tell you it still works.

    What is important to take note of is that, you need to put more emphasis on quality content and proper keyword research so that you won;t have high bounce rate on your pages and you will be fine.

    wish you luck.
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    I think its still worth to effort and It will be for a thousand years. 'cause if you give value to people, market will bring you up everytime !
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    Absolutely Yes!!!
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    Yes Niche marketing is worth it more today than before, just make sure to optimize your webpages for UX
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    Ofcourse it is, you have to be an expert to know well a niche, and better is to be famous in you niche, people follow people who they consider to have the know how or they follow if you have some fame

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  • Been making a full time living from niche marketing since 2009, and conversions keep increasing as people now feel more comfortable with buying online.

    Website Design | App Creation | Video Marketing | Social Media | Web Hosting

    ==> SlashTouch.Com

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  • To differentiate oneself from the existing competitors and to build trust, reputation, nothing beats niche marketing. Incase of spending money on promotions, niche marketing gives the best ROI. However, in the first place, it is very difficult to find the target niche. Niche marketing is and will forever be worth trying.
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    Thanks everyone. I figured that the techniques were something that may "adjust" a little, but pretty much be consistent.

    I'm kind of forming an overall battle plan in my head at the moment.

    My platform of choice has always been Wordpress. Free, flexible, easy. An WP warriors have a favorite template(s)?

    I have a couple that i've always saved, because they repeatedly worked. I'm also fairly decent at Woocommerce, though thats a bit more involved than i want to get. I've mostly been building WP sites and hosting for a side hustle, but I want to add to the portfolio a bit.

    Does anyone use Web CEO?.
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    Hi Michael Nico here

    This story of you reminds me of myself it's worth it and patients are the order of the day. Rome wasn't built in one day for twenty years you could have been n millionnaire by now but it's always never too late to get in. If you could build a list for twenty years you would have a lifetime asset. To come to the point Niche marketing is still worth it all depend on what type of niche you're interested in. I'm in the Affiliate marketing Niche How to Make Money Online. If you are interested I'm here to help
    Have a wonderful day and Good Luck!
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    Yep Michael; anything you enjoy doing leads to success. A % of 7 billion humans also enjoy it and pay money to dive into their passion-fun. Definitely go for it. Tools for niche marketing may change - blogs are more important than ever, for many niche folks - but the principles behind profiting ring true buddy.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    It will always works! Yes IM is changing very fast everyday but its possible to keep up and learn a new stuff very easily
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  • Gotta figure we all a unique kinda niche, I guess.

    An' since no gal is an island, this presupposes communion of purpose or identity sumplace along the line.

    Thing 'bout any niche is ... not evrywan gonna want this.

    BUT the people speshly minded to be niched on out in any partucyoolar way likley gonna be susceptible to feastin' on any THEM-CENTRIC Juicy as might hop along their way all kinda BUNNY.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    There will always be room to making money in Niches.

    As you may know, a lot of the BIG FISH has taken over the broad terms, so we have the find the unbloody waters of the sub-niches to cash in with.

    But as far as I can see all around me niches are still making good money left and right.
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    exactly Niche marketing is not only worth the effort; it is the future of online marketing. It targets a specific audience and customers, making it more effective.
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    YES: You've got some god answers here.

    What I'll add is that whatever niche you decide, your focus should be on how you solve problems and deliver the best experience. This will help your SEO experience, word of month and retention rate.

    Focus on:

    Customer service: Imagine you have 1000 people a day needing help, how will you manage it all? Plan ahead

    User Experience: Make it easy for people to get started, leave and even use your product. The best way is to incorporate easy feedback every step of the process. Don't be scared of bad feedback, its a great conversion tool. Show that you tackled it and solved the problem.
    Don't Google it... ASK Edward
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    Yes it is! It's how premium brands such as Rolls Royce sell - they only target the affluent and those with the budget to buy such an expensive car.
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    Of course it's the best way.
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