Is this the greatest Branding Trick in Marketing ?

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Answer: Interviewing Marketing or other Industry Leaders

Why This is Powerful
1. Your right in the middle of discussions with the best and brightest in the world
2. Incredible networking and relationship building
3. People will view You as the Brand Expert In Your Field
4. Very easy to get consulting gigs or outright hired by a company
5. Take these interviews and leverage the HECK out of it.
- Upload the videos on YouTube
- email the interviews to CEO's on Linkedin and Industry Leaders
- Start Your Industry Leading Niche Website
- Start a Group on Linkedin and leverage your content
- Create an intentional content delivery schedule on Linkedin to drive traffic to your Youtube Channel
- Create a Facebook Group and leverage your content
- If these industry leaders have products to sell, you can use your affiliate link to drive traffic to your website
- Sell Ads on your Website for those that want to capture the minds of Digital Marketing Leaders [think companies or Digital Marketing Companies that want to sell products to Digital Marketers].

Whats YOUR opinion?

Christopher Negro
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  • Profile picture of the author Jim Symonds
    Very insightful, Chris.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

    I know a lot of people are using this model very successfully.

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      Originally Posted by Jim Symonds View Post

      Very insightful, Chris.

      Thanks for your inspiration!

      I know a lot of people are using this model very successfully.

      Do you know any current marketers [or any other industry guru] that interviews other experts....that uses this as a branding strategy? If so....who are they?

      Thanks Jim !!!

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  • Profile picture of the author writeaway
    This is definitely a great way to lower content generation costs.

    Much of that content would have a readymade audience appeal

    So far so good... but

    I do have a question

    Question: Why would a busy business leader who has a million and one things to do on her/his to do list want to talk to someone they don't know?
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    Andrew Warner of is an example
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    Your ideas are valid. But the challenge is how to implement them. Getting top marketers may be easy but securing an interview with them is a different game plan.
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  • Yeah, this can turn out to be that one 'revolutionary' branding technique companies are looking for. It can get a lot of people from various backgrounds to see posts, watch videos and in turn know about the company.
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    On the top marketers front Chris, the simple way to get their attention is helping them and asking for nothing. Buy their eBook or course, promote them, mention them. Help a few times without asking for a thing to build a bond. Then you can ask after they trust you are interested in them, and not in what they can do for you.
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  • To a degree...until it gets saturated. Saturation always ends the game.
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    Yes, another strategy that did wonders for me many years back. I created products and made a fair amount of money doing this back before LinkedIn, Facebook - and even Youtube was still in its infancy.

    It started by going to marketing events and getting pictures taken with these well known industry leaders. I bought lunches, dinners, countless drinks for many of them. I chatted with them about many things. I offered my services/help for free on projects.

    Then, when I started asking for interviews, almost all were very gracious and accommodating. I created entire products around these interviews. And in the end, they even helped me promote these products.

    Then after these successful projects, at these events, people started asking to take pictures with me. I was asked for interviews. I am included in a few large products (from years ago now) showcasing my strategies I was using back then.

    So yes - this indeed works. But to work long term you have to be able to walk the walk.

    And if "saturation" was an issue, no one would be using this strategy anymore.

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