Couple of Youtube Questions for the Gurus..

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Anybody know what the maximum limit is on tags on a Youtube video ?

Also, say you have a video on diet , what catagory do you put it in, the catagories offered by Youtube are appaling for anything that doesnt fit neatly into Sports etc.. Do you just make the best of a bad lot ?
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    I apologize, I'm not the guru, but nobody seems to have answered yet...

    Choose any general category - your keywords in text and titles are most important if you submit video for SEO.

    Choose specific category if you target specific demographic. But you don't have to stick to your niche category - you can target any woman related subcategories.

    Tags are tricky some say: use no more than 3 for a video, not to confuse search engines. I follow those lines. Obviously use your keyword and it's variations as a tag.
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    Thanks David.
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    Ok. the answer so far are good...I would add...make sure you change the file name of the video you upload to your main keyword.

    for example
    instead of 000019.avi change it to best-diet-video.avi

    hope that helps
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      Really that makes a difference, the name of the file ?

      Thanks for the tip.

      Anybody have any other tips ?
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    hello non guru here but the best thing to do if you are debating which category to choose.

    you can youtube the keywords your trying to rank and check out the top videos, note their tags and note their categories.
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    I was looking at vids actually but I couldn't see where it listed the catagories, must be going blind or dumb, both are possible, I'll recheck.
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