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I'm not sure if anyone posted this yet (it didn't show up in the forum search)

I went to to do some research and I noticed a new free tool called Niche Watch:

If you type in a keyword it will give you the Top 10-20 pages indexed by the search engine and give information about each site such as:

Backlinks to the domain in Yahoo.
Backlinks to the webpage in Yahoo.
Pages Rank of domain.
Pages Rank of webpage.
Count Keyword/Keyphrase occurrences on webpage.
Pages indexed of domain in Yahoo.
All in Anchor Rank of domain in Google.
Title Rank of domain in Google.
Text Rank of domain in Google.

Just thought I'd pass it along...
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    I checked out the tool.. It's nice considering that one of my sites is now in 3rd page.. I can pick the remaining competition out one by with gathered data from this tool.. I hope I'll get lucky this time..
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    it doesnt give any results. I tried with 3 serach terms and got noting each time.

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    Helllo Mark,

    Thanks for sharing the great website for searching the competition

    I am adding this to my toolbox.

    All the Best
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    Wow, it seems a very nice tool. Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for posting. Really cool tool.
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    You can download Traffic Travis to give you a nice list of several parameters about your competition (Top 20) as well. It's free.

    Nice share, Mark!

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      I prefer Traffic Travis to NicheWatch. It shows more info like: domain age, # of links from .edu/.gov sites, whether the site is listed in DMOZ and Yahoo, whether the keyword is in the title, description and H1 tag.

      Try SEO SpyGlass. It shows TONS of info on each link, you can sort the link info. It takes a while to pull the data, but it is worth the wait. It is also free.
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    Looks cool. Will have to test it out. Thanks for posting.

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    This tool (and thread) are a couple months old. I posted this thread when the tool first became available.
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    I've been using Nichewatch for several months and I think it's a really great tool but I noticed about 1 or two months ago that they no longer give the following data:

    All in Anchor Rank of domain in Google.
    Title Rank of domain in Google.
    Text Rank of domain in Google.

    Anybody know what's wrong with nichewatch? Are there similar free tools for checking allinanchor, allintitle, allinurl all at the same time?

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