Where to Advertise a Skin Care, Antiaging, Wellness Company?

by im1217
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Hi Guys,

Where would be a good place to advertise a skin care, antiaging, wellness company? It's to sell the products as well as promoting the business. The demographic would be women over 40 who like wellness and skincare. Thanks!
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    Try reaching out to bloggers who target the same demographic and cover the same niche topics

    Start out with guest posts to 'introduce' your brand

    Next, try to level up the relationship by asking these partner blogs to feature discount codes for the business you're promoting

    At the same time, you should also launch an INSTAGRAM channel and reach out to influencers in the makeup niche on IG. There are tons of them.

    Finally, you should reach out and sponsor videos on Youtube makeup channels
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  • You can use social media channels Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
    Leverage Facebook group for discussion and occasionally posting your business products and services.
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    Maybe you can create a Facebook fan page create content around your niche and run sponsored stories and or targeted ads stories.
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    Consider advertising the business opportunity right here on the Warrior Forum! The classifieds (ie, The Underground) can generate some qualified leads for your biz op. If your opportunity is MLM, however, perhaps keep it under the radar. Some MLMers here have been silently killing it for years even though there seems to be a small but exceptionally visceral ant-MLM sentiment by the misinformed.
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    Hi im1217,

    Youtube Video Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads Display Network would be the most logical starting points to your audience, in my opinion.


    Don Burk
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