I was scammed and need some help here please!

by Amy Wu
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Hello Warriors,

Couple years ago, I was engaged with a marketing company in Hawaii. That marketing company has promised me a 20% return on advertisement spending. I believed the company and invested in around 40K. All they do is to use the money I paid them to generate traffic for CPA offers from various CPA networks and complete offers to get the payouts. For the first year they have provided a monthly earnings report with a consistent 20% returns on the investment. Then things got changed right after I requested for the first payout of 20K. The owner of the company stated making all kinds of excuses and delayed the payout for nearly 6 months. I was fed up with the situation and demanded the full payout then the company has gone mad and went silent on me ever since then.

I have tried to use a collection agency but they couldn't help either because they said the owner of the company was not responding to any of their actions.

At this point, I would really like to have some helpful advise from this community.

Thank you very much!

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    Sorry to hear that and hope you will find a way to recoup your money. Before them, let me ask you a few questions:
    1. Where is the company based?
    2. Do they have a physical address or it is an online company
    3. Did you sign an agreement with them? if you did what remedies were available.
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    The collection agency certainly seems to have a pretty lame excuse (I mean, it's their business to contact people). The next step certainly seems to involve an attorney.
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    Surprised this thread was approved - doesn't fit with forum rules. You believed a claim of an improbably high 'return';...and you've either been scammed or didn't read the 'fine print' on the agreement.

    For the first year they have provided a monthly earnings report with a consistent 20% returns on the investment.

    For a year - on paper or a computer screen - the company 'showed' a 20% return (was the claim per year or per month?). You believed it until you tried to get your money back. You aren't alone. In spite of all the warnings and criminal prosecutions - people will often believe it when told what they want to hear.

    No one here can solve this. Print out the agreements, any and all correspondence, etc....and take them to a lawyer to see if you have a case.
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