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Let's say I do a review video for a product and put it on Youtube.
Is putting background music in a good idea, or is that a bad idea?
Do you think that helps keep the viewer(s) interested, or do you think that's cheesy?
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    A piece of light background music is a good idea. However, the background music sound should not distract your product presentation.
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    It can work either way. It depends on the type of music, the editing cuts, volume, fade ins and outs. It also depends on you, the reviewer. If your reviews suck, the music won't matter

    Best thing to do is test. Create a few reviews with music - all the same style of music, same fades, same volume etc....and create another few videos without music.

    See which gets you more views and likes. I think if you do 10 of each, you'll get a clear view of what people what you to do...or maybe you'll have equal views and likes and then you can mix things up and make reviews with or without music.
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    If it's something entertaining that you're talking about, accompanying music may be a good idea and your viewers won't mind.

    But if you are doing serious reviews and play music in the background it could be a distraction that might turn off some people and they may stop watching your video.
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    It's personal preferance. I used music to promote my my main product and it did really well. The music should suit the mood of the presentation and your voice should be at a higher volume. You could also do away with voice and use text to get your message across. Don't overthink things like this though...if your product is good enough & the demand is there, then it will sell regardless of whether you use music or not.
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    If you choose some good music, it will help you achieve your goal. People love music that is why it is popularly used in marketing activities.
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    It's a good idea, but you have to have a permittion to use it
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    using background music in your review may cause a distraction. If possible, avoid it.
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    Use necessarily background music. It is quite interesting to watch. I always recommend using music in videos.
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  • Some background music for videos is designed to provide a sub-perceptual lift. Other music release energy, and other music matches what's happening on screen and sets the mood. So it depends on what sort of video you are creating.
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    It depends.

    The general rule of thumb is no music when you're talking on camera, music down low/ no music during a voice-over, music when showing footage of product minus any talk.

    But there are no hard and fast rules.

    The only real rule here: if you add music, you're adding it to retain retention, not the other way around.


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    Originally Posted by Techstep76 View Post

    Let's say I do a review video for a product and put it on Youtube.
    I think you could begin with music and then fade out when the narration begins. Even better, pay to have a very short intro made for your channel. Then use it for every video you make.

    In any case, the most important thing is to make sure you have the right to use the music you choose. You don't want to violate any copyrights. That could result in a strike from YouTube... or being sued by the copyright holder.

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    Don't get your video yanked by Youtube after its gone viral...

    Use Creative Commons music

    Just search on Google for sites that feature libraries of songs/sounds/music you can use without having to pay a PENNY in royalties.
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    I guess one can use music in the background.
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  • Yes, I think Background Music helps.
    Just make sure it isn't copyright material as this will lead to your video being taken down.
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    I usually get better engagement with videos with music. Especially that I am in the fitness niche, my videos looked more active with music. I hope that helps
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    its great idea ,why not ?just make it not so loud , like calm and nice sound and will be really cool.
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    Background music is actually pretty cool idea with YouTube videos. I personally enjoy videos with background music; It gives it a nice vibe. However, it is important to make sure that the background music is a moderate volume, particularly when the video has vocals in it (i.e, people talking). But other than keeping the music moderate, there's no reason not to stimulate your viewers' hearing with some snazzy background music.
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