Where would I post this? (need an illustrator)

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I'm in need of someone to create an illustrated character for me. I've got a few examples of what I'm looking for (style, etc) - nothing fancy. I'd like to find someone I can return to if I want the character in a different pose later.

However, the 'warrior for hire' section looks like it's a place for people to post that they're *available*. Where would I post that I'm looking for some work to be done?

Also, I expect I may get a number of people here PMing me - I'm not paid up yet, so my box may be overflowing. If you want to send me something, email mgkimsal@gmail.com.

Oh, and also, understand that I may get responses from loads of talented people, and I have but one small project. I *hate* putting out stuff on CL, because I often get flooded, both with crap, but also with often 5-10 *really good people*, and I have to make a choice. :/


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