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Hey people,

I help out with a not-for-profit hobby forum that has been suffering with reduced traffic in the last few years.

Is this because of something with the site or have people all migrated to facebook groups?

I would love to get some constructive feedback.

the site is (removed) dunno if I'm breaking any rules, so I won't put the full url there (I'm not spam, or an evil bot, honest!)

P.S. I know nothing about IM, so don't bash me. Thx!
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    I think the fact that you don't know anything about IM explains why the site has lost traffic. You need to get up and market it as you have never done before. This way, I believe it will be able to regain its lost glory.
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    Your traffic could drop due to a number of things

    Slow page load speed
    Irrelevant content
    Thin content
    Keyword stuffing
    Outdated content
    Big images

    You need to run a few sites speed test to pinpoint the problem otherwise we would be guessing.I would have to asses the site to give you a more direct answer
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    Hey all,

    Thx for the feedback! I guess I broke a rule since the Mods removed the url to the site.

    Is there a way to post the url without breaking the rules?

    A question for you in the meantime. Are forums going extinct or suffering as a result of Facebook groups and other sites that offer the same? I see a few I know have gone downhill.
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    I believe the phenomenon is more akin to relativity to the market. It most cases, content is lack luster and since forums are community run, a forum can succumb easily to the whiles of open contribution which, by the numbers, will always tend to give a forum a less-than par quality which is easily over shadowed by youtube channels and blogs providing expert-only advisement / information.

    Additionally, most contributors on a forum may find sharing resources and formatting posts / replies too difficult or time consuming to warrant furnishing a forum with content more appealing and informational - I for one won't bother sharing a screenshot or some other graphic simply due to the time and effort required to upload, locate and apply that into my comments. After all, I am busy.

    So forums will need to "modernize" and developers will need to advance coding in order to create a new forum platform more akin to the ease of social platforms while optimizing for easy access to the, still, unfulfilled power contained in traditional forums. I still think there is more territory for development and implementation.

    Also, a rethinking of how people engage information resources like forums may garner some novel approaches to forum development in the near future. I believe new platforms are being designed right now, but existing ones and those thinking of starting one, should consider new approaches close to present market consumption trends if you expect to have any success at all.
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    If i see a forum with post that has little or no activity i am out of there. Forum is about open exchange of discussion and ideas. If there is no activity i think it defeats the very existence of it, don't you think? You need to doing rounds of contribution yourself , as there has been few activities but in between holler all around the internet to make noise that ppl should come and join. Now, where are all these ppl who would want to join the forum? You have to know where they hang out and provide help subtly. Oh, i found something interesting that i'd like to share...these can be done on facebook groups but don't drop the links to your forum all the time. If they come and check out, they are interested. But make sure you can track the links to monitor if people are indeed visiting your forum with what you've shared. Its will revalidate of your effort to see if you've gotten new visitors. If the visitors are coming but there is no registration of account. Do retargeting to have them come back and join.
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