How Do I track sales made by affs selling my products?

by Sands
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How do I track sales made by affs selling my products?

Easy to create the links but how do I tell who made a sale?
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    Your affiliate software or network will provide the tracking

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  • Hi Sands,
    Are you running your program with an affiliate network? If so you have access to stats etc.

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    Make sure you list your product on an affiliate network. Once you do that, the network will have a built-in software that generates a unique link for each affiliate.

    Once a sale is made you'll me able to see which affiliate ID generated the sales.

    Examples of affiliate network:,,, etc.

    Hope that helps.

    Originally Posted by Sands View Post

    How do I track sales made by affs selling my products?

    Easy to create the links but how do I tell who made a sale?
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    For professional affiliate management, tracking, reporting, etc...

    The top 3 platforms are cake, hasoffers(now "Tune"), hitpath. I have also worked with an advertiser that used offerit. It was acceptable.

    They should all have some form of a basic starter package. My preference is cake. The link for their basic package is
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    Affiliate networks should provide you with reporting tools but it doesn't hurt to get a platform like Everflow to track your campaign performances as well. It might also help to have an excel tracking sheet to stay organized and track net revenue from all affiliate logins you have running.
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    Originally Posted by Sands View Post

    How do I track sales made by affs selling my products?

    Easy to create the links but how do I tell who made a sale?
    What are you using to run your affiliate program? You'll need some type of software to track sales.
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    You can try Tapfiliate: Affiliate Tracking Software
    one of the best and trusted Affiliate tracking software.
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    3 ways forward are either to use a ready made affiliate system, such as JVZoo, just list your product there (for free) and get affiliates to sign-up using that system, and it tracks affiliates for you (they take 5% of sales).

    Or do the programming yourself to implement a tracking-system. I did that once using PHP . . . if you have some familiarity with programming concepts and how cookies work, it's not difficult to think it through, implement and test it. Or if you are not familiar with that end of things, outsource the work on UpWork.

    Or use a ready-made affiliate system which you can set up for your product. There are many, some free, some which cost.

    An advantage of using JVZoo (or other affiliate system) is that you'll get additional affiliates just by listing your product there.

    I hope this helps

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  • There are so many powerful affiliate tracking software available in this day and age, getting the right one to suit your requirements is the tricky part, I use Clickfunnels personally but there are many more other options available

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    If you are running it with an affiliate network, then yeah, you should have access to the statistics. but it's indeed worthy to use affiliate tracking software. as an option, i would recommend also to consider Affise.
    You can have one of the tracking options, that you prefer: either C2S (client to server), with a special pixel put into the code of success page to notify Affise system that a conversion has occurred;
    Or S2S (server to server) - to get a notification on a conversion from Advertiser's system through the Postback URL.
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