Need tips on how to market a physical Digital Marketing course please! Help?

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Hey guys,

I am in the process of marketing these classes through facebook ads and other platforms, but do you have any techniques or tips I can use to market digital marketing courses which aren't online?
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    put your contact on the landingpage so they can call you or collect their information and call them.
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    Ask this in the offline forum.

    Give more background info.

    How is the course delivered? Who is it for?

    Originally Posted by Alina Hassan Zaidi View Post

    Hey guys,

    I am in the process of marketing these classes through facebook ads and other platforms, but do you have any techniques or tips I can use to market digital marketing courses which aren't online?
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    In social media optimazetion it is extraordinary to have a comment section! In any case, enabling customers to share their comments is quite remarkable. This makes the presentation fundamentally for your site. Additionally, the ability of your "Like" posters on your Face book is equally important. They are quietly leading your site with a tick of the mouse, and presenting your site to most of their supporters and peers. These highlights are anything but hard to know that they are essentially modules!
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    I use only online advertisements, social banners, posts, email marketing and push advertisements by admaven network.. I don't know a offline version but it will be great to learn how to use it.
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    We believe Facebook add is not at all a good option to sell your digital marketing course.
    Reason: First of all people who wish to learn Digital Marketing prefer to know about organic ways to promote any product or service. For them paid form is less attractive as it can be done by taking help of Support from Facebook or from Google.

    Solution: Better option would be to prepare a small website or just a landing page with call to action and make use of quality content that is well optimized. Yes, if you are able to rank your webpage, chances are quite high that students or professionals are keen to buy your course. Moreover, you should work on reputation management, get more and more reviews, go for video marketing as they are indeed best ways to sell your course.

    Conclusion: Make use of SEO, SMO with high quality, compelling content.
    Thoughtful Minds - All about SEO, Digital Marketing and Content
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    You can't do it without knowing anyone's interest on digital marketing. You need to know and identify your right audience, people who are not using internet or Facebook, don't care about them. Everybody know new generation who are 18+ is using social media and every years the users are increasing regularly. So forget about those people who are not using social media or internet because you can't go door to door to grab rest people.

    A part from this, you can collect genuine data (it may be phone number or email) and try to reach them by sending sms or emails. You also need a website, Youtube video, there are so many options.

    You may also register yourself on some great online directories, where anyone can find you through relevant searches.
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    If you good at Writing, you can join on quora community. you can also advertise on quora.
    i hope you will get good result with quora Marketing.
    good luck.
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    I used to give some classes by promoting in my local classified ads and some local marketplace app.
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    #following. Did you ever get this figured out Alina?
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    make some flyers and pay for some ads on tv maybe or small radio talk,,,, let know people you know in person its kinda easy
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  • Set up a website to spread the word and for your potential customers to contact you and build your email list.
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    Originally Posted by Alina Hassan Zaidi View Post

    Hey guys,

    I am in the process of marketing these classes through facebook ads and other platforms, but do you have any techniques or tips I can use to market digital marketing courses which aren't online?
    I would be looking at FaceBook market place. In my market they now allow you to post using other than your primary account ( IE your branded business account ). I would be looking for local boards that offer the "Mentoring" option, and apply to be a mentor in the specific field.

    Depending on the age demographic that tends to goto your training sessions, I might try newsprint ads. Depending on your community there is not only the "local" newspaper but possibly school ( college or high school ) papers that could be an option. And when I say demographics for newspaper ads... in general the readership is in the 40+ category.. so if your average attendee is not in the "older" age bracket, I would at least try it ( its inexpensive ) but not expect much.

    I would look at creating a tear off flyer.. the ones with the message on the top 80% of the page with a phone number / webpage on little tear off tabs on the bottom, and find local bulletin boards you could place this on. Local grocery stores, Laundry mats etc.

    I would look at "Meet-up" ( ) and do a regularly scheduled event you could list there.

    IF you have a website I would look into the "Events" schema mark-up and figure that out. People that have and use google maps on their phones will get a reminder, I believe on Wednesday and Friday with options for things to do and events. This will also help in terms of search engine listings - Google likes date specific items to list in local search.

    A plain flyer that can be posted about town in locations that your target might frequent... like if it was a course on writing and selling books on Amazon... Book stores become an obvious choice... A more generalized business location would be office supply stores.

    Scotch tape loosely business cards on gas station pumps - and NO im not kidding... I use the fold over variety with a catchy 1 liner on the outside facing side. Something like "Local Online Marketing Class" might be enough to grab some attention.

    I could probably sit here and list more so let me know if this is not enough.

    *** Just a note.. these are not things Im just coming up with in my head, these are actual tactics that provide an amount of actual results - that I have and DO actually use.

    Hope that Helps!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    some of these are actually pretty good! been having the same issues too
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  • I am surprised that you choose to market a Digital Marketing (DM) class offline rather than online. It is definitely more cost-effective to market it online. However, if offline is still the way for you, consider a more cost-effective way of doing so :-

    1) Collaborate with those small associations that help new start-up in their business and equipping these new start-ups through DM is definitely a marketing skill good to have.

    2) Tie-up with Community Clubs to tap on their membership and market to their members and you could even deliver the lesson in their premises.

    3) Participate in career fairs, education fairs, etc

    Some of the many offline marketing ways that are more cost-effective. Hope my suggestions will help you to spin off some ideas.
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    Originally Posted by Alina Hassan Zaidi View Post

    Hey guys,

    I am in the process of marketing these classes through facebook ads and other platforms, but do you have any techniques or tips I can use to market digital marketing courses which aren't online?
    If you're referring to offline marketing, there's always good old direct mail. If you have knowledge about selecting profitable mailing lists that are good candidates for your digital marketing courses - this would be a good start.

    You could also use direct mail postcards to lead people to your website (use tracking), or depending on your price and business model... generate leads using postcards and follow up on them with your sales letter via direct mail.

    Is this the gist of your question? Offline promotion?
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      How so? Google sends me postcards to get me to buy ads and it ain't weird. On the contrary, it is smart.

      Originally Posted by venibbs View Post

      Marketing a digital course physically could be weird.
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    If you're trying to sell a big ticket course (4 figure price tag), I suggest you use Lookalike audiences on FB paired with RETARGETING to build a MAILING LIST first (use a freebie with obvious upsell appeal)

    This is the only method I know of that works on Facebook that is AFFORDABLE - other methods cost way too much

    The good news? You only need to sell 1 $2997 course to make it all worthwhile

    Get ready for the STEEP LEARNING CURVE though

    ORIGINAL CONTENT: Only $0.005 USD per word
    Quality Bulk Content for Articles / Blogs / Websites
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    I think the best places for you would be udemy. But there is a very tough competition. You will have to give some very unique value proposition.
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    I think you would score more if you market it through the traditional email marketing, the social media and blogs.
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